Window Shopping – Yay or Nay #MondayMusings

“Tell me do you like window shopping at the M&S store or at the Waterstones?” Papa asked Dhruv.

“I hate M&S,” is what he announced forgoing the objectivity in Papa’s question.

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On Saturday, the three of us set out for the city centre market on foot. Setting out on foot isn’t a big deal because we live fairly close to the city centre as it takes just under 10 minutes to walk down to any of the 2 nearest entry points in the market. The weather was fine, only a bit cold, though the sky was in its usual pensive grey mode. We were happy with not having to overdress ourselves which we often do to fend off the cold.

Once at the mall, it took us 10-15 minutes to have a look around at the Christmas tree, the decorations, clicking pictures here and there and buying a few OTC medicines. It sank in soon we lacked a concrete plan of what to do in the market place without intending to spill out the cash reserve I was carrying in my purse.

“Let’s go to Marks & Spencer’s for some window shopping,” suggested the husband. Imagining him going round and round the same aisles picking up and keeping back the sweaters and jackets with drowsy looking Dhruv and I dragging our feet behind the husband painted a picture much gloomier than the sky we were walking under. I didn’t want to imagine myself going through the various aisles of women’s clothing because this is not what I do, neither here nor anywhere. Therefore, I rejected his suggestion.

Moving a couple of blocks ahead, having crossed the M&S store with a satisfying sigh and with Waterstones nearing, the bright yellow bulbs lighted up in my gloomy headspace. I said we ought to visit Waterstones. I had a +1 vote with me and so there was no stopping. Our bookstore visit dampens the husband’s spirit. He is not a book person and does not get the idea of bookstores when there is a library nearby. To keep things even, I promised only window shopping. I started by doing that – browsing new arrivals and discounted books laid out on the tables in the store. Quite irritated with me, Dhruv held my hand to take me to his section, the children’s fiction books section and picked up the latest Wimpy Kid book to buy. It was now his turn to get pensive with my clear statement “no buying-vuying today, we are only looking around,” He went around to look for Papa with his plea to buy the book however he got referred back to me because I had the purse that day and not Papa. Dismayed, he sat down on the sofa declaring he won’t leave the store until he finishes reading the book. Well, it sounded good to me, to be honest, since this gave me extensive time to scan through the picture books, the middle-grade books, and the children’s classics. My mood had begun to brighten up. Papa and beta (son) seated themselves side by side on the sofa.  One had a book in hand and the other had the mobile phone in hand.

Precisely at this moment, that objective question was asked which I overheard standing a few metres away.

“Tell me do you like window shopping at the M&S store or at the Waterstones?” Papa asked Dhruv.

“I hate M&S,” is what Dhruv announced forgoing the objectivity in Papa’s question.

Knowing Dhruv well enough, I can bet his best answer would be “I hate window shopping, clothes, books or whatever.”

Seeing my husband’s patience wearing off in half-an-hour, I finally decided to get over with my stinginess and bought the Wimpy Kid.

Have you reached an opinion that we had a nice day on Saturday at the end of it all?

No, it didn’t end up like that. Dhruv’s mood stayed as it was throughout the way back home. His sad face and cribbing tone elevated the boredom in the husband and undid whatever pleasure I had back in the bookstore.

It happens. Such things happen.

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  1. In my opinion all kids hate shopping boys in particular. I once took the grandsons shopping for their birthday gift. They knew exactly what they wanted : marched up to the shelf, picked out the gift, paid for it and were back in the car on their way home in under 10 minutes!

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  2. I can well imagine everybody’s face while window shopping. I usually like to shop alone but as my husband feels that I spend more when alone so he prefers to accompany. Then there are kids…Each one of us has a different taste.
    And this is the way we come back as you did.


  3. Nay! I hate window shopping. I go into shops only when I need something and I get it (or not) and leave asap. I have heard of people spending hours shopping and searching. I don’t think I have ever spend more than 45 mins in any shop till date. And that includes grocery shopping!

    Going into Malls with young kids can be tiresome. I can visualize these scenes unfolding in front of me. Nicely expressed.


  4. I actually like window shopping. Both my husband and I do. It’s more of window shopping than talking about our wishlist or just commenting about the collection in general. But Kanna hates it. And now with Akku there is hardly any shopping! I loved M&S. The clothes there were good actually. I miss the school uniforms which I used to get for Kanna from M&S – grey pants and while full sleeve shirt.
    Bookstore visit – that Kanna too loves. But as soon as he finds his book all done. I, on the other hand, loves to spend a lot more time in the store noting down books for future purchases. Husband also doesn’t mind, though he doesn’t pick anything for himself. He reads when he is in the mood, that’s all, not a book hater precisely, though he can go without reading for years at a time.
    But yes, these things happen. When Kanna gets cranky – which he does when we go out most of the times as he likes to stay at home and play on Xbox or in his tab – my husband’s crankiness increases as well. It’s called staying as a family. Right? 😀
    So glad to read this weekend account, Anamika. ❤️

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  5. I’m not much of a window shopper. More like a purposeful shopper. The only places I can spend a considerable amount of time shopping are book stores and stationery stores. Thankfully, Jose does most of the shopping for home and I do the online stuff for both of us.


  6. Oh you have the patience to go for window shopping and that too with baccha and pati!!!!! I dread shopping and window shopping is just not my cup of tea anymore. Whenever anyone wants to meet me in the mall, I quickly ask when will they be done with their shopping/errands so that we can meet directly for our coffee/lunch get together.

    I am glad you stopped at the bookstore- I can browse to no end here and like Dhruv, I would be shameless in reclining back with a few books to peruse and then decide if I am going to buy them or not. Since I am on a no-book-buying pact, this pleasure has been out too since a while for me. 🙂


  7. I love window shopping, be ur clothes, food items, shoes or books. But always always alone. I even do my shopping alone as I take ages to buy stuff. I am happy that Dhruv lines to read. It is something I hope my baby to likes after growing up.


  8. Oh yes, such things happen. We all have our moods, na, kya karen? Guess Dhruv was experiencing one of those blues that day. But the silver lining is that he chose to go to the bookstore with you instead of M and S! 😛


  9. I’d rather shop alone. The DH hates to, so I prefer going on my own or with the girls. But between shopping for clothes and shopping for books. Books would win hands on!

    I’m glad you got time to browse around in the bookstore.


  10. I love shopping so window shopping is not my cup of tea at all. But to shop, one needs the purse and since I have become a student, my purse is empty most of the time. Hence, it is a bit of window shopping for me but that depresses me as I think of days gone by when my purse was empty and my hands were full ( of shopping bags) – those were the good old days and perhaps will not come back again.
    My husband hates books too- that is those of the fiction genre. Academic books he loves.
    Cranky kids those days are over- these days it is a cranky husband as his tastes and mine are totally different.
    Anamika, great post as usual.


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