In the passing #WordlessWednesday #ThursdayTreeLove




This particular tree which I see every time I walk down to the markets in the city centre from home speaks to me, “I may look ordinary for the major part of the year yet this truth cannot stop me from being magnificently beautiful even if you think it is only in the passing.”

The first picture was taken 2 weeks back and the second picture is from the springtime. Yesterday when I met the tree again, it had embraced the winter.

You can visit the springtime post by clicking here

Linking this post with #WorldnessWednesday hosted by Natasha Sinha


Linking this post with #ThursdayTreeLove hosted by Parul Thakur


  1. The amazing and the changing colors of nature!
    I liked that you noticed the changes and clicked with your camera at the same time in both the pics… green light!


  2. I love how beautifully it changes every season. Nature is all about embracing change right! Yet I fail to learn it easily. Such a lovely tree that is Anu.


  3. Love the two pics- they make the contrast so evident and tell us how something so ordinary looking at one point of time, blooms into something so extraordinary!


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