Little Bit and Big Byte: Go Green #PictureBookReview 32

Go Green is the second book in the picture book series Little Bit and Big Byte.

The book cover

Story – 

In Go Green, the 3 siblings – Little Bit, Big Byte and Joy are off to school where Save the environment week is being celebrated. The theme is ‘Go Green’ which the children find easy to follow as they love wearing green colour for St. Patrick’s Day, Big Byte loves to watch a green colour character, Gumsy, on the TV and Little Bit likes to eat microchips with green colour guacamole dip. They are happy with doing their part for the Go Green’ campaign when their mother, Nettie, makes them understand the real meaning of going green which is to use the resources sensibly. Little Bit is advised to turn off the tap and not waste water and toothpaste while brushing the teeth. Joy is advised to sleep with a low energy night lamp switched on instead of the room lights because she is scared of sleeping in the dark. Big Byte is told to use one gadget at a time instead of using all (TV, music system and computer) at once. Even their father, CD, pitches in by forgoing the solo commuting to work by car and taking public transport.

Their saving the environment quest does not end here since they further go about understanding the recycling of plastic, paper, and aluminum cans. The mischief-makers, Vi and Russ make an appearance by kicking off the siblings’ crates of the stuff to be recycled creating a commotion. In the end, things get sorted out and they (Little Bit and Big Byte) follow the truck to the recycling centre where they get to see the outputs from the 3 huge recycling machines.

The story ends with Little Bit and Big Byte satisfied with their efforts.


My Review – 

I loved every bit of this book. The illustrations retain the comical style and warm colours from the first book in the series A Day at the Beach but unlike the first book, they are not in the desktop design format but are full-page spreads.

There is a quirky element to every illustration in the form of a caterpillar who, although, does not get a mention in the story yet it is doing something adorable in every picture. My favourite is the one where Little Bit is having microchips with guacamole dip and the caterpillar is lying exhausted on the couch (possibly from too much of eating) beside Little Bit with a bottle of antacid in its hand.

I think it was clever thinking to add the caterpillar which is of green colour as it goes very well with the context of the story. The fun quotient is raised with the addition of a small recycling logo which is hiding at random places in each illustration for the young readers to find and enjoy.


The story and the lesson it imparts is brilliantly done and speaks the language of young children. By taking the cause of saving the environment and going green from the school to the home and involving even the adults to make changes to their usual way of living, this book makes an impact. There is a whole list of pointers at the end of the book suggesting a few ways to go green to the readers. The one which says to ‘Play less video games and read more …’ happens to be my favourite. The author smartly inserts ‘Read more adventures of Little Bit and Big Byte’ and I am passing the message on.

Little Bit and Big Byte: Go Green scores high for me on the entertainment and educational aspects and I would highly recommend reading this one to the young ones and practicing going green ourselves with them.


Author – Craig T Feigh

Illustrator – Patrick Carlson

Age group – 3+ years

Release Year – 2018

Disclaimer – I received a pdf copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. The images are screenshots of the pages from the pdf file.


  1. That’s such a lovely message the writer is sharing through this book! Kids today need these messages, what with things only going downhill as far as our environment is concerned. We, adults, have ruined it all, and now it’s the kids who need to clean up. Sad, I know, but I hope this book spreads the message and brings some differences in the way kids think.


  2. Nice to see the relevant messages being put across to kids at the right age. The book looks so cute and when it comes with a message, double win!


  3. I love the illustrations. It is good to have such books that teach children some good values, like recycling, in such a fun way. I will keep these in mind when I shop for books for my grand niece. She is just 3+.


  4. I wish we had this book when Arjyo was growing up! So wonderfully illustrated and the message comes across so beautifully! Thanks for sharing this review, Anamika. It definitely promises a delightful read for everyone, particularly the impressionable little ones who are learning so many things from this book at one go.


  5. I love how you find these cute children’s book for your kid with lovely pictures and wonderful message. Caring about the environment is something that we should teach our kids and I love how beautifully this book does that task.


  6. This is such a cute idea. It really makes me happy to see children’s authors tackling contemporary topics in such a fun relatable manner.


  7. That looks absolutely delightful! I’ve seen so many cringeworthy children’s books that it’s refreshing to see one that’s fresh and new, colorful and clever, and appealing on so many different levels (not just for the kids, but for the parents tasked with reading them for the 50th time).


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