The time that was 20 years ago #WordsMatter

There are certain phases and times which though were crucial at one stage but went on to hold less and lesser importance as life progressed over the years such that I rarely find myself going back to those by-lanes of the past times. Consider it an occupational hazard which compels me to make a revisit today. It is true blogging is not my occupation but it is surely a commitment that keeps me occupied especially around the first week of every month with the #WordsMatter blog hop. The prompt for this month is ’20 years ago, I…’ and thus my reminiscence takes me to 1st Nov 1999.


20 years ago, I was in Delhi on 1st Nov 1999.

1999 was a hard year. I moved to Delhi from my small city in Western UP in July having secured admission to Delhi University for graduation. My parents had made the provision of rental accommodation wherein I shared a flat with 3 other girls. Those girls were my classmates from 12th Standard.

3 months had passed since July and the new world around me was still not making any sense to me. Living by myself independently, commuting by the public transport i.e. the blueline buses and the perils and harassment that came with it was a huge pain.

The commerce course at the college was confusing or rather I wasn’t able to concentrate much on it. Additionally, my father thrust me with registering me with the CA Foundation course. This added to the pressure with more studies and completing the assignments.

If this was not enough to leave me deluded, I couldn’t get along with any of the flatmates. I was perceived as a constant threat since I did not join them on their extra-curricular adventures having given up after an initial one or two excursions. They feared I would tell on them to my parents or theirs. The deliberate isolation, which I created for myself and which was also dished out to me, was terribly disturbing.

There was little surprise when the results of the final exams were declared. I did not do well securing the 2nd division. Also, I did not appear for the CA Foundation exams and eventually I gave up on it. My parents were definitely not happy about my academic performance. However, they understood the reasons. I had kept them fully aware of what was going on in the house with the girls and the atmosphere. I was allowed to call it quits with them for the second year. And for good.

I so much wished to write a happy funny post for this month’s prompt as I always try to do but this slice of life happened to be anything but humourous.

#WordsMatter Blog Hop

This post is written for the 3rd edition of #WordsMatter linkup hosted by Corinne, Parul and Shalini.

The prompt for this edition of #WordsMatter linkup is ‘20 years ago, I…’

I received this tag from Pragya Bhatt at Yoga with Pragya. It’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Holly Jahangiri at A Fresh Perspective. There are 29 of us on this Blog Hop and it will be spread over 3 days – 1st, 2nd and 3rd November 2019. Do follow the #WordsMatter Blog Hop and prepare to be wowed!


  1. Hmmmm…I was also considered a boring girl in college. I had lost my Mom in 1998 and in 1999 I had turned reclusive, I was busy taking care of my Dad and the house, I had turned into my Mom. While girls my age were having fun, I was cooking and cleaning. I honestly do not want to go back to that time. Your post brought back my own unhappy memories


  2. Memories cannot always be good ones. Some bad ones leave a mark and teach us valuable lessons. I think the toughest thing we must learn to do is put a positive twist into the negativity in our lives. But it must be done. Take care dear.


  3. That’s fine Anamika. Anyways those days doesn’t matter much now. Unlike others I too don’t want to remember my teenage days and love my present more than my past.


  4. This month’s prompt has a sad ring to it. Guess, 20 years ago, we all were finding our feet, understanding and facing the challenges of YA life, but all that has shaped us to be what we are today. And I am sure, we are proud of what we have become! Good to know a bit more about you through this post, Anamika. Cheers!


  5. It’s not always necessary to be funny or amusing – it IS however, necessary to be true to one’s writing and that you’ve been. I think a lot of us made choices, guided by our parents. And though there isn’t even a sliver of doubt that they had the very best intentions, it didn’t really work out. I’m glad your parents understood you. That’s something to be happy and grateful about.


  6. It was usually that time when most of us were in a transition phase from school to college. Many aspirations, anxiety, dreams and hidden fears used to bother us. We didn’t really know how to tackle them but I am happy that parents understood us. More power to you!


  7. Hugs. Not all memories are happy. But I am glad you were able to talk to your parents about it. There was a dialogue in Criminal Minds; I don’t remember who said it but it went something like this, “Scars do not tell me where I am going, only where I have been.” Memories too, don’t decide your future, they only tell you what is past.


  8. I think you learned early to speak your mind and not feel compelled to follow the herd no matter at what cost. This shines through even today. Thanks for sharing, Anamika. Hugs.


  9. I’ve never studied outside home. I’ve spent most of my time to school, college or work from my home. I’ve always loved listening to stories of those who left their cocoons and explored the reality during their earlier days. It’s a nice memory to know Anu. Though we don’t mean harm some people think otherwise. I’m sure you’re wise now to know much better now. Also, I’m glad your parents understood you well.

    Thinking about my 1999, I couldn’t recollect details about the day, but I can definitely I was excited about entering the teen circle soon. Busy with Nancy Drew and Enid Blyton, I loved the days I spent back then. Nice post Anu, helping recollect so much memories.


  10. It must have been so hard for you then and now revisiting it. But surely all bad times make us stronger. Guess it was same for you.


  11. I remember how hard it is to gel with new people in new places, especially as a child. I went to a new school after my high school,and was shocked at how much different we were. I used to try to play sick and be home most of the times, it took me more that a couple of months to speak to others and actually feel home.


  12. Oh no this is very sad to hear Anu-so sorry to know you had such a terrible time. It can be terrible to be away from home and have such misery in companionship. I was friendless for first 5-6 years in Delhi and couldnt do anything about it as I was living with relatives and they were strict about who and where I went. I wasnt comfy calling people home either. So decided to be on my own and love my company.

    Hugs for this and I hope since then life has been kinder and given you plenty of friendships!! 🙂


  13. 20 years ago it wasn’t that great for you. But you have recovered very well, Anamika. And that could be because of the experiences you gained during back then. Because I believe every bad experience no matter how excruciating it is, they leave us with remarkable lessons which will come handy in our lives. I am so proud of you for being you.
    I did not write about my 20 years ago because I didn’t have the courage to do so. That’s when life came to a sudden stop and everything changed forever, precisely on 1999 August 16th after my 16th birthday. Reading through all these 20 years ago accounts, I feel like writing an autobiography. 😀


  14. But, it’s all a part of life, na, Anu? We won’t always have something funny to share. There will be sad stories from the past that find their way into the present! Yaar, mujhe toh zyaadatar sad stories hi yaad aati hain past se. And, it feels good sharing them with your close ones, or with those who understand.


  15. Not all memories are amusing and it is from these experiences that we grow and learn about the world around us. I am so glad that your parents were understanding. It’s hard when you are isolated by people whom you considered friends. Hugs to you.


  16. Must have been hard , Anamika and I can relate. 20 years ago though I was too scared to make my choices. I think the society puts this pressure on us to be like everyone else and that makes things harder. If you are not a part of a group, you are not fun to be with. If you are not this, you are not that kind of stories that do on.

    I think what’s important is for us to look back our journey and know that where we are today is all us and who we are. a thoughtful post, as always.


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