Balaka has a restaurant #WordlessWednesday

Image source – Google Earth

What do you do when your family (except you) explores a city on Google Earth for a prospective visit and in the middle of it jumps & squeals & calls out for you as if they had just unearthed a treasure for you?

Well, something of this sort did happen at my house a few days ago. The treasure, in this case, was a Bangladeshi and Indian restaurant by the name of Balaka in the faraway city of Winchester. Now, who would have thought a name as unusual as Balaka would make a prominent appearance 4,517 miles away from Mumbai. It is Mumbai where Balaka, a wanderlust blogger and a dear friend lives. Also, who would have thought that my spouse and son would take so much of an interest in my friends’ names?

P.S. It was Balaka’s idea for me to do a Wordless Wednesday post on this photo.

Linking this post with #WorldnessWednesday hosted byย Esha M Dutta


  1. Fabulous capture and a great idea for a #WordlessWednesday post, Anamika! Balaka is the title of a book on poetry by Rabindranath Tagore and it is a popular name for the Bengalis. So lovely to know that this beautiful name was taken up by a restaurant in a country so far away from the homeland.
    So glad to see you link up with us this week, Anamika. Awaiting more such surprises from you in the coming weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

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  2. That’s a surprise! Your husband and son have such good eyes to spot this restaurant on google earth and of course, to remember that there is a Balaka in your friend circle. So are you planning to have dinner from Balaka the restaurant soon? ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Destiny ? Coincidence? But I can imagine your excitement . Even I get a strange feeling of acquaintanceship when I spot a blogger friends name or reference


  4. I am just ROFL ing…. I loved the hilarious post. As Esha said Balaka is a book by Tagore and a popular name for hotels and restaurants owned by Bengalis. This is indeed strange that why people choose this name for hotels/lodges etc. There are at least 100 residential societies in Kolkata named Balaka. I have another friend called Balaka Basu who is also an author and often readers often confuse us on Goodreads, where she gets review on my book and vice versa.
    If you plan to have dinner at this restaurant ask them for a discount.


  5. That’s such a nice capture and I was reminded of Balaka too. Now after reading Balaka’s comment, I must agree I’m fond of the name Balaka Basu, I really don’t know why. Looks like I’m fond of many things for no valid reasons. If you visit I’m expecting a review on that too Anu. ๐Ÿ˜ Happy week ahead.


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