It’s not that time of the year… #WordsMatter

It’s not that time of the year without late dawns and early dusks. I did not mention sunrises and sunsets because the sun, hereon, will mark itself for making special appearances only. And whenever it will, it will make sure the vibrant hues in the sky suffice for my lack of photography skills and infuse some action to my otherwise dormant Instagram feed.

It’s not that time of the year without carrying out numerous captures in the city parks. I have not volunteered with the county police as yet (nor do I see any future prospects) and going about capturing miscreants. My role will be of a Tree Paparazzo capturing the photos of the autumn shades of nature in general and trees in particular.

It’s not that time of the year without having to worry about a change of crinkled kurta or shirt from the previous night for the morning school runs. Who cares for the crinkles when there is the much-required overcoat or a jacket to cover-up and save from the cold. The same goes for the hairdo too. A woolen cap on the head helps in not wasting precious morning time in combing the disheveled strands or to shirk off the white flour from the hair. Sometimes, I do wonder if my head would like to take away the job of rolling out paranthas from my hands. This sounds lame!

And, before you begin to marvel about my running to school each morning, please have my assurance there is a huge gap not meant to be bridged, in any way, between the (British) theory and the practice of dropping the kid at school.

It’s not that time of the year without feeling upbeat for Diwali. Diwali for me means organizing the cupboards and doing away with the unwanted clutter. This Diwali week I must also resolve to clear out the basket full of clothes waiting to be ironed ever since the beginning of this year. I am afraid if that pile is not cleared this Diwali then those clothes might need carbon dating on next year’s Diwali as to when were they last washed.

Aah! How much I love ironing! I have never claimed so.

It’s not that time of the year without putting up the (Made in China) twinkling lights in the windows and lighting the fragrance candles (not made in China, I suppose) in the house. The twinkling lights bring out the brighter side of an otherwise gloomy and super serious interior and exterior of real me

Talk about the differences between the real and online avatars of people.

It’s not that time of the year without the darker hours getting longer and longer with each passing day and I crocheting away to glory in the darkness. I am imagining myself as a 101-year-old woman with glasses as thick as the thickest magnifying glass doing a yarn over and pull through repeatedly with the crochet hook in the flickering light of an oil lamp.

It’s not that time of the year without deciding not to hang up my blogging boots. Neither sooner nor later. Surely, there will still be 5 more years to go about losing and finding my muses.

#WordsMatter Blog Hop

This post is written for the 3rd edition of #WordsMatter linkup hosted by CorinneParul and Shalini.

The prompt for this edition of #WordsMatter linkup is ‘It’s not that time of the year without…’

I received this tag from Rajlakshmi at Destiny’s Child. It’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Pragya Bhatt at Yoga with Pragya. There are 38 of us on this Blog Hop and it will be spread over 3 days – 4, 5, 6 October 2019. Do follow the #WordsMatter Blog Hop and prepare to be wowed! 


  1. There are so many glimpses of your life in that post Anamika and of the approaching winter. The cutest one is of you sitting crocheting away happily. I’ve been so removed from Diwali preparations. Need to get out those Chinese lights.


    1. I can give you a prize for being the first one to comment on my post for 2 consequent #WordsMatter link-up party 😊 Aur is baar to bahut lamba wait ho gaya pehle comment ko aane main. Hence your comment is special.


  2. Tree paparazzo…haha…that is a new thing for me! And carbon dating clothes kept aside for ironing? Loved your sense of humour in this post, Anamika!
    Having said that, I’d still say —the best ever decision according to me is your decision not to hang your blogging boots. Very thoughtful decision!


  3. Ah the I’d never considered the upside of winter – coats and caps that making dressing up easier!!
    I’m thanking my stars that I have a man in our housing colony to iron clothes. There was a time when I found ironing a relaxing exercise, not anymore. In case, you find that weird, I find dishwashing a relaxing exercise too!


  4. Oh Yes! I love the fact that the overcoat and the cap can cover up a lot of my clumsiness. If anyone wants to upset me, the easiest way would be to show me a pile of clothes that need ironing! I hate ironing too! The photographs are amazing by the way.


  5. I love your wry sense of humour Anamika. Rolling out chapatis with your head ! and not ironing clothes fior a year ? mummy kya kahegi ;? But i do agree how convenient it is to roll out with a crushed kurta under an over coat. Wishing you and your delightful family a lovely vilayati Diwali


  6. Oh yeas, one of the good things about England winter was the long overcoat and other accessories which covered us from head to toe. No one cared if I wore the same clothes again and again. 🙂 You need that head of yours for better things like writing humourous posts like this, Anamika. So no rolling chappatis with your head, okay, please? I don’t iron much, only when it is absolutely necessary I do. My husband is also the same way. So we usually look clumsy and we are okay with that. 🙂 I don’t have anything against ironing though.
    You get back to your crocheting, Anamika. I will gift you that magnifying glass when you require that. Okay? 🙂


  7. How the moods of the sun in your time zone is affecting your life Anu – fascinating to read that winters are already there. Its surprisingly cool here in Gurgaon too for this time of the year. Its been ages since I switched of the AC this year; normally I use it well into October

    Loved your musings about the hairdos and clothes which yes truly dont need much effort in winters. In fact my entire beauty regime lapses into hibernation in winters 😉

    Looking forward to the autumn colours captured through your camera-they must be running a riot out there.

    Fairy lights and candles shall be put out soon too – your post reminded me of that now. Your entire post reminded me how similar we guys are in what we tend to do at this time of the year 🙂


  8. Isn’t winter great in terms of wearing just about anything underneath an overcoat 😀 we just got over winter here so I am looking forward to more daylight 😀


  9. Oh yes, the Diwali ki safai is upon us. As a matter of fact, I started with this groan worthy cupboard that did not get cleaned last year. We just finished half of it and took a long break. A lot of stuff thanks to Marie Kondo is in pretty good shape especially my wardrobe and those of the kids which needed a little sprucing up. Also this year, I had given away a lot of stuff and decluttered (again Marie Kondo) so I don’t have much to worry about in the bedrooms. It’s the kitchen that I am really dreading. So yes, till Diwali, it will be all about Diwali. Loved reading about your other musings, Anamika.


  10. I am delighted to read this one Anu. I guess if I had stayed over, the best way to spend the winter would have been to crochet all the way. 😄 I’m still thinking about cleaning stuff, you know my luggages still stare at me asking for relief. And when it’s winter all one needs is the overcoat all day! Oh my, coming from Chennai where clothes dry in less than 4 hours even in the October sun this year, London was full of setting the machine mode to drying to iron and some Kungfu poses to finally fold them off. And I love your sense of humor. Next time I am making a sincere effort to come and meet you. 🤞 This time I sulked a lot, so I am glad I did not bore you after meeting up 😁


  11. One always “contemplates” hanging up the blogging boots but somehow, that never seems to happen. Good that. Because it is one of the best getaways from life at times 🙂 Loved reading your post, Anamika.


  12. Loved your perspective on the prompt! Lucky you get some autumn hues to click! The cooler climes are sure easy on the dress up regime, I’ve noticed that in Delhi winters too. I dread the pre-festive cleaning part. Like I shared, I can well imagine joining you with my own crochet pile next to a fine hearth.


  13. I so enjoyed reading this. It was like having a conversation with a friend and me nodding in agreement in so many places! Glad to know that your blogging boots are gong to stay on. I am looking forward to more doses of this.


  14. This post made me smile. Yes, I cant wait for the winters and the bliss of long coats and jackets to hide the crinkled tops and the layers of bulging belly fat! I hate ironing and that’s why I never antagonize my dhobhi! Yes, you must not think of hanging up your blogging boots because we love reading your posts!! 🙂


  15. De-cluttering is what I do on a weekly or a fortnightly basis these days, minimalism being my fav term! So, just couple days back hubby and I did away with some clutter that had been sitting, occupying the sofa-cum-bed in the extra bedroom, away from our prying eyes! I still have a long way to go before my house sparkles for the festival of lights. And, the made in China fairy lights might not come out after all….kaun lagayega aur phir nikalega….! 😛


  16. I loved it …… Oct heralds in festivity and joy in the air. You shared that very essence. Till Feb/Mar there will be a happy skip in my gait too 💓💗👌🏼


  17. Finally, am here. The line “I have not volunteered with the county police as yet (nor do I see any future prospects) and going about capturing miscreants. My role will be of a Tree Paparazzo capturing the photos of the autumn shades of nature in general and trees in particular” reminded me of a murder mystery I had read(or was it a movie???) long back (don’t remember the name of the book) where a person was capturing nature in his camera and accidentally captures a murder. Those photos become important evidence. So you never know, you may land up in a similar situation and get appointed by Scotland Yard.
    Tree Papparrazzi is a good job and Parul should be happy about it.
    Send all your wrinkled kurtas to me..I would happily iron them for you. Anything other than cooking gives me immense pleasure. So decluttering the cupboard ho ya istri marna ho mujhe bula lo..I will happily do it for you.


  18. I always love the hint of humor in your posts, Anamika. That’s my favorite part about your writing. Your post makes me long for winters. I do miss the weather and the fact that I can wear whatever without a worry that it is not ironed. So I hear you. On the hair and flour in it – that had me giggling. Always happy to see you join Words Matter. Thank you!


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