Gratitude list – August & September 2019


If I have to summarise the month of September in one word, that word is exhaustion and it isn’t remotely related to the physical aspect. I was utterly exhausted after the India visit during the summer vacation in August when I got to meet many people and half of them function from the centre of “We will judge you no matter what you do or not do or who you are or who you are not.” The consequence was I couldn’t focus. I lost my articulation. I was at a loss of words. I couldn’t put my thoughts into words, neither written nor spoken. I found it difficult to write on my blog and also connecting with others. All of this was taking me into the confines of sadness and a negative thinking pattern. Thankfully, my awareness prevailed with 2 friends looking out for me along with the mindfulness practice of crocheting.

I could not come up with my gratitude list for August. Hence, here is my combined list of August and September.

I am grateful for –

  1. Dhruv and my home town visit lifted my ailing mother’s spirits. She had been in and out of the hospital numerous times in the last few months.
  2. A meeting and heartfelt conversation with a long-time friend with whom I had lost touch 4 years ago. It was nice to catch-up over pakodas and coffee at the United Coffee house in CP. Guess what, Dhruv accompanied me and he did let me do the talking when I steered him to the new Dogman book he had bought. Before reading and after finishing the book, it was though just him and his tall tales.
  3. We welcomed a new member to our family in the first week of September – a baby boy – my nephew. Dhruv is a big brother now. We are extremely happy and can’t wait to meet him. Yet, wait we shall have to. Your wishes for the new mother are heartily welcome because she needs loads of them as the first months are quite tough for both – the mother and the baby with all the adjustments and sleepless nights.
  4. I devoted September to watching the Netflix series ‘Call the Midwife’. I am not into programmes which run into several seasons but it might be due to my connection with my sister-in-law which made me drawn towards this series particularly. The series is based on the memoir of a nurse and midwife Jennifer Worth from the time she served in the late 1950s in the East end of London. The 7 seasons that I have watched have been interesting and now I look forward to reading all the books in the 4-part memoir.
  5. I kept myself busy with crocheting throughout August and September. It played a huge role in keeping my sanity preserved. 3 months now already since I began crocheting in July and my interest in it is still intact.
  6. September has been a wet month. Hence, when we got one sunny Saturday, we did not let it go waste. We made a day trip to Liverpool which is an hour away by train from Preston. It was a lovely experience for the 3 of us exploring the main attractions of the city by the city bus tour and a ferry ride in the Mersey River.

These are the highlights of my last 2 months. I am hoping to get back my articulation and my ability to connect with words in October.

Wishing you all a happy festive October.


  1. I did not know you were in India. Good you were around for your Mum. I am sure she must have been so happy to see Dhruv and you. On people and their judgments – I feel sorry for them. And I feel bad that you had to go through all that. Long back I started playing ignorant and it helped me ignore. Now I filter out things as much as I can. It keeps me okay. Hugs, Anamika. I wasn’t able to ask you and most times I find it hard to ask questions but I did feel you needed friends or people to open your heart to. Glad you had friends who introduced you to crocheting. I am loving the designs you are making. Keep at it.
    Have a better October. I am around if you want to chat. ❤


  2. The scarf you crocheted looks lovely. Glad you found something to keep your sanity intact and all those jabs out of your way.

    I don’t bother anymore of what people think of me, what’s important is what I think about myself and my loved ones do. I could care two hoots about others opinions, as long as I’ve done nothing to hurt them. So get those filters on. Life is too short to let others trample upon our happiness.

    The catch up with the friends sounds fun. CP is such a beautiful reminder of my yonder years.

    Good to see you back to the blogging groove. We have missed you around here.

    Love and cheer!


  3. Sorry to hear about your Mom, Anamika. I hope she’s doing better now. I hope you too have recovered from the onslaught of ‘loving’ people!

    Congratulations on the birth of your nephew. Looking forward to hearing Dhruv’s comments on this! 😉
    I’m tempted to get Netflix only to watch the serial you’ve mentioned. Maybe, I’ll just get the books instead.
    I admire your focus on the crochet. I’m enjoying looking at your project on Instagram. Makes me want to start a knitting project again.

    PS: Your mention of the Mersey river, made me go and listen to an old song after a long time: Ferry Cross The Mersey


  4. I forgot to ask – how is Dhruv feeling about becoming a big brother? Did he want a brother or sister?
    Meeting old friends and being able to connect with them easily after all these years is a wonderful thing. I have some friends with whom I can talk and connect as we did during our school-college days, but then there are other friends who were closer then but can’t even speak a couple of sentences properly. How much we have changed all these years, right?
    I will look up ‘Call the Midwife’, but probably I shouldn’t because my NetFlix binging sometimes gets out of control these days. 😀
    You keep crocheting, Anamika. I admire your work – blanket, scarf, and those patterns – you are improving by the day.
    This month you will have a lot more things to talk about in your gratitude list – my wish for you. 🙂


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