Gratitude post – July 2019 #MondayMusings

“God, please see he gets a sound sleep. Please heal him in this resting state so that he no longer throws up upon waking up.”

Image source – Canva

It had been a long evening on the first day of August. It was half-past eight and even after 3 hours of admission, we were still there in the ER praying for him to heal miraculously. We did not want him to go through the brain scan. The ill-consequences of the radiations had already been explained to us and which did not evoke any relief in us. Dhruv, while riding his scooter at a fast speed, had fallen down hard on a gravel path receiving numerous bruises on his body as well as on his head. My hopes turned bleak when he soon began throwing up in a state of dizziness while I waited for the ambulance or the husband’s taxi, whichever could come first. The anti-sickness medicine which the doctors later gave him at the hospital after 5-6 rounds of vomiting did not work. Husband and I kept sitting by his bed with crossed fingers and prayers in our heart while he rested. The doctors meanwhile had begun their preparations for the scan but waited for our green signal and for Dhruv to wake up.

He woke up refreshed after another half-an-hour. Our prayers had been heard. The one and a half-hour of healing sleep did wonders with no more occurrences of vomiting. He got back to his usual self accusing us of treating him like a camel by not giving him water to drink for a long duration. We couldn’t thank God enough to hear even his accusation knowing he had recovered from the trauma. Having spent 5 hours in the ER oscillating between dwindling hopes and final relief, all 3 of us were glad to return home with a caution from the doctors to continue to keep a watch on his condition even at home.

Unlike the first day of August, my July was an easy month. It was plain-sailing with my anxieties at their lowest level since the beginning of 2018.

I was grateful for –

Coming out of my shell –

I had been lying low on social media since October 2018 having closed my Instagram to public access and limiting my Facebook friends list to close friends. Last month, I felt courageously capable of venturing out of my shell and opening up my Instagram handle to public viewing. The thought of opening up was not easy, to begin with. I had fears of anxieties returning. If you can see my updates on Instagram now, the credit goes to Vinitha Dileep for easing me out of my fear.

Image Source – Canva

Developing a new hobby – 

I was never a hobby person. For some reading books can be a hobby but not for me as it has always been a part of me. Thus, for the first time in my life, I took up a hobby – crocheting and worked considerably hard to get a hang of it. I am enjoying it tremendously. All I want to do 24×7 is crocheting and nothing else. Even today, I found myself gravitating more towards working on my secret project aborting my plan to write this post.

Regular blogging – 

Despite Dhruv constantly gracing me with his presence in the house in the last 2 weeks, courtesy the summer vacation, I managed to stay regular with my blogging commitments. I published 12 posts and joined all the blog hops I have promised my blogger friends hosting them. I am thankful to Dhruv for staying quiet (not totally, though) and engrossed in his activities when I ask him not to disturb me for 2-3 hours. This month, contrary to my usual practice, I did not keep a tab on my stats page in terms of blog visits. This thought did not cross my mind at all and hence when a random glance fell upon my insights page, it came out as a surprise. The July blog visit numbers were the highest in the last 3 years. Not to forget, I cherish all the heartfelt comments I got on my Monday posts throughout the month.

Image Source – Canva

Love from volunteering work – 

My last working day at school, a day before the school closed for the summer vacation, brought me loads of love, hugs and miss yous from the students. I was never the teacher, strict and all. Instead, I was the friendly, funny at times, Mrs. Vee to them. By the end of my 6-month stint, most of the students and the teachers had practiced enough to say Mrs. Vats right as and when they felt like. My favourite, although, was hearing Mrs. Vee.

Read the post When the calling comes… #ZombieBlogHop to know my Mrs. Vee story.

Outdoor visits – 

Dhruv’s history lessons about the Roman invasion of Britain and their consequent ruling period of Britain educated us about Hadrian’s wall in the north of England. This wall was built by the Romans to prevent the tribes from the further north (present-day Scotland) from attacking the areas under their rule. If you think of it, building such walls have always been a part of world history, be it the Great Wall of China or Hadrian’s wall. History repeats itself with the Trump-wall.

Dhruv’s desire to visit Hadrian’s wall saw us driving north to the countryside in the county of Cumbria. The natural beauty of the countryside, the Birdsowald fort we visited, the small museum it housed and the recreation of the layouts in the ruins proved to be an amazing experience.

This image is my own

Friends –

Where will we shall all be without our friends? I am deeply grateful for my friends, the ones I connect with through the online world. The fact that we are all similar personality types helps us to understand each other better. Between us, sharing the vaguest fears also doesn’t feel much of an effort.

This was my July.

Wishing you all a gratifying and peaceful August.

Images source – Own, Pixabay and Canva

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  1. Sorry to hear about Dhruv’s sickness Anamika. Life is full of unexpected turn of events, we need to be strong and calm for the storm to pass. Hardrian wall remnants is in Newcastle as well – I have seen it and the wall speaks of the war, bravery, their approach of safe guarding etc. Hope August days will bring in new rays of happiness and peace to you and your family. 🙂


  2. I’m so glad to hear that Dhruv is doing better now. I can only imagine how scary it must’ve been to see him going through that.
    I am always here for you, Anamika. I’m so happy that you’ve taken up on crocheting. Waiting for the finished product. 🙂
    Keep doing all these things which makes you happy, Anamika. It sure does look good on you. 😀❤️


  3. My heart skipped a beat reading about Dhruv . I can well imagine your fear. Thank God he has healed. I’m glad you’re out of your shell and look forward to reading more from the Bespectacled Mother !


  4. Oh my goodness. How traumatic that must have been. I have an urge to pick up the phone and call you right away, but I’m not sure of your schedule. How’s Dhruv doing now? Back to normal, I hope.

    I’m super impressed with your crochet. Like knitting, it’s a ‘mindless’ activity that gives so much scope for reflection. I’ve never learned crochet but I do like knitting. I miss my Mum’s guidance on that though.

    Glad your July was good, Anamika. Here’s to better days in August. Hugs.


  5. Thank God Dhruv is fine now! Must have been a scary ordeal.

    Crocheting is a beautiful hobby and I’m so glad you are enjoying it. Friends always make things better for us. Always 🙂

    Wishing you a fabulous August, Anamika after that small hiccup on day one.


  6. Oh dear god that was terrifying to read. Hugs to you Anu – I cannot imagine what you went through and am so so glad he is fine now. You could crack a camel joke in the post about the time he was in the hospital. Hats off for keeping your sense of humor intact. Tells me what a strong and resilient person you are.

    I hadnt noticed a change in your insta postings – Glad to hear you are back to your usual self. Its good to take a break when the going gets tiring!! Trust me I know where I am coming from.

    Hugs and love and wishes for a well rounded and well loved August Anu


  7. So glad Dhruv is fine now! That must have been terrifying.

    Crocheting is a relaxing hobby–cool that you picked it up. You got so much done this July–hope August goes well !


  8. So glad and relieved to know Dhruv is alright. Tight hugs to you, I can;t even imagine what you were going throught waiting for Dhruv to wake up.
    Yay to Instagram and do let us know about your secret project soon. Lots of love…


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