River watch or skywatch? What does the trick for you? #WordsMatter

This is not the view outside my window, how much so I wish it to be.

This is River Ribble viewed from the Avenham Park. I love to take a seat on a bench in the park and spend a few minutes just watching the flowing river. This sight calms me down everytime I feel worked up.

The last time I acquiesced to drag my feet along in the scorching heat, the video bomber did not let me spend my calm time because his reason was sitting does not make you fit but continuously walking will. This makes me wish what if this river flowed just below my building and I could catch a glimpse of it any time from my window. I am pleasantly dreaming of the availability of ready therapy without having to walk across the city centre to the other side of the city and which involves going up and down the hill. Not that the hills are steep here yet still. Oh please! Don’t side with him and tell me I am being lazy. Hot days, although rare, do give an allowance to be slothy.

Muting the logic, I am neither thinking about the rainy days which happen to be in plenty nor am I thinking about the prolonged spell of heavy rains which are sure to bring the river outside my window to make a magical appearance on the other side of the window, inside my living room. Flowing water turning into standing, rotting water will defeat the whole purpose behind having the river flowing outside my window.

While the above is not a possibility, I am sharing some real pictures of the view of the sky from my windows.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tell me does watching a river flowing its course soothes you too? Or is it watching the sky which does the wonders for you?

I received this tag from Sunita Saldhana at Sunita Saldhana I Writer and Novelist and it’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Anjana at Myriad Musings. There are 47 of us on this Blog Hop posting our stories and thoughts over 3 days – 2, 3, 4 August. Do follow the #WordsMatter Blog Hop and prepare to be surprised! Are you a blogger and visiting the first time? Join Corinne, Shalini and Parul for the second edition of #WordsMatter.

The prompt for this month is ‘Outside my Window’.

Words Matter


  1. You know what, in Lucknow, we had Gomti river flowing just opposite our apartment! And I must tell you that it was one of the best places we have ever lived. I was forever in the balcony and would watch the changing shades and flow of the water. It was so calming, relaxing and mesmerizingly beautiful. Aah! I so miss our Lucknow days.
    I love the skyline from your window too 🙂

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  2. Hi Anamika. Such a soothing video… thanks for sharing it. I have watched many sleep/ meditation ones with soft music to calm your mind. BUt never knew this simple river flowing video had the same effect. And your view outside your window is awesome too, makes me think I should also start collecting such photos. Thanks for tagging me on your post. Do stopby to glance my post – https://anjus.home.blog/2019/08/03/rosy-smiles/


  3. Its both for me.. whenever i feel sad or lonely, i go to terrace and watch sky.. i feel so relaxed.. one should be lucky to watch river through thier house window..


  4. As you are aware, my house in Sikkim had a view of a stream that used to turn almost into a river during monsoon. I always loved that stream, especially the sound of the ripples at night. My Kolkata house also had a view of a huge lake, Esha and I used to spend our evenings looking at that lake and talking endlessly. Now, I live in a concrete jungle. Thus, if I compare the view from my window to that of yours, then you, my friend have a heavenly view. I always loved British houses and you have such nice views. The sky is also so clear, I would give anything to get that view. The river is good, but thoda walk kar lo..I support Dhruv in this..chalte raho..


  5. That is highly debatable question for me since I love watching both! I guess a river would probably have an edge over the sky since it is in perpetual motion, so alive, while a sky is relatively passive. Loved your meandering musings Ana!


  6. I don’t have a river outside my window nor have I ever lived alongside one ( even on a holiday) but I assume it would be as relaxing watching it flow as it is watching the changing sky.


  7. Watching a flowing river is very relaxing for me. I lived right on the Beach in Bombay and waking up to that view was such a treat.
    Don’t listen to what anyone has to say, just sit and watch the river, It is too hot to walk!:))


  8. I love to walk beside the river and watch it flow – but even more, I love babbling little mountain creeks. I’m not sure that I’d want to live too near one, though. Take a look at this! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/180707003768822126/ – an image of how the Mississippi River’s course has changed, over the years. The flooding we’ve had here, just since I’ve lived in Houston, drives the point home. Rivers give life and land, and take it away in the blink of an eye. But I’m glad I live near enough to one, in a park, to wander along its banks and enjoy it on a nice day.


  9. Oh how I would love to catch the sight of flowing river right outside my window too Anu and like you would prefer not to hike over to view it. This was such a soothing sight! Enjoy it as and when you can – nature is our best friend if only we would care for it.


  10. Yes, watching the flowing river calms and soothes me a lot, I can sit for hours near a flowing river, it seems as if they are also sharing there flowing thoughts with us. My best experience was to see Chenab rushing heavily flowing in Jammu region and it’s also the Brahmaputra had given me satisfying company in Guwahati. The video is very nice and soothing. I am a Sun-Sea-Sand-Sky watcher gal and love rivers as well as the beauty of clouds in the sky both.


  11. Flowing water soothes me – a river most definitely. Even the sound of the pool filter is oddly soothing. The view outside your window isn’t bad either Anamika. And that photobomber is adorable.


  12. I think the hills and greens soothe me but I have none of it in Bangalore. Sigh! Though I wouldn’t mind have a river flowing near my window and even the vast expanse of the sky smiling down on it.


  13. In Worcester, there was big river right in the city center and it was a gorgeous sight. Watching a streaming river from right your window would be a wonderful and relaxing experience. For now I’m good with sky watching. I don’t have a chair out in our balcony. I would love to get a couple of them by the end of this summer for some peaceful sky gazing. 😀
    Loved the video, Anamika. 🙂


  14. I love both–the sky as well as a river if I get to look at one and find some peace. And, yes, you sure can turn into a sloth once in a while. We all need it lest we drive ourselves crazy!


  15. When I used to live in Goa I love going to the beach and sit for hours watching the waves. And now I don’t have any such view to calm me down. Sky-watching came as a rescue afterwards, as it is easily and always available. 😆


  16. First things first – I am inviting myself over to your house, Anamika. Itna mast views hai toh I can sit my that french window and keep sipping chai. Which ofcourse you will make. 🙂
    Now – to your question. I have always loved the sky. I did not get to see water bodies as much. But my favorite was Pangong in Ladakh. I sat there and I have a video on Instagram that still makes me smile 🙂 Thanks Anamika for joining #WordsMatter. I love your photo bomber and he is tall now. As always, he is right 😉


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