Unending Monday Blues #MondayMusings

I published this poem on the blog on 21st July 2014. I revisited it yesterday when it turned up in my Facebook memories. Since just 2 people read this back then and it sounds funny, I am sharing it again.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Monday more than just morning blues


There are light clouds in the sky

There are rules I don’t comply

The house stands a big mess

No plans to make the mess less


Nothing on the menu for cooking today

Let’s hibernate for just one day

Heaps of dirt lying on the floor

Broom refusing to zoom out of the store door


Dishes feeling at home in the sink

Is Monday morning blues the link

Kid’s stories show no sign of ending

Vain is my effort that goes into spending


Kid constantly nudging at the elbow

My head reeling under the blow

The forehead folded in creases

Pain in the head seldom ceases


Repeated pleas to God ‘utha le utha le’

Then realizing this is not what I should say

Monday has been more than morning blues

Holding tight the thread in case it gets loose


Trying to give the brain some exercise

The brain tells me ‘Please be precise’

‘I should not be the one to be troubled

Go and get yourself some fresh air doubled’

Additional – A friend, one of the 2 readers, interpreted the last lines in Hindi as

‘Bheja kehta haiΒ 

Bheja mat khaa

Bahar jaa

Aur hawa khaa’


Linking this post with #MondayMusings hosted by Corinne

#Monday Musings


  1. Ha ha, this made for a fun read πŸ˜€

    Have you read the poem ‘Dust if you must’? It’s a beautiful poem on the importance of living in the moment and enjoying it all. The first stanza of your poem reminded me of that.


  2. hehe This was a fun read, Anamika. And those last 4 lines do sound better in Hindi. πŸ™‚ Ja hawa kha le. Utha le utha le, mujhe nahin. Baaki sirdardon ko. πŸ˜‰


  3. Ha ha Anamika, this was fun. Uthale Uthale reminds me of one of the most hilarious scenes from the film Hera Pheri. That translation was just perfect. It’s Wednesday, we’re mid week so hope your blues have disappeared.


  4. That utha le utha le wala line is hilarious. This was such a fun read. My mondays are soon going to turn like that.


  5. HILARIOUS!!! πŸ˜› Laughing off like crazy at every line!
    Superb…too good! Bheja kehta hai, ja, bahar jaakar hawa kha!
    And, that one…the dishes feeling at home in the sink! Heheheheh…yes, there are days that feel just like this. And, mostly it’s Mondays that come after a lazy weekend. Ufff…..just moving a finger feels like a big task!

    Loved it!


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