Rights of Boys & Girls #BookBytes 7

Article 9

The right to read love stories, poetry, fairy tales, and the right to cry in the cinema.

–  Declaration of the Rights of Boys.



Article 11

The right not to like sewing, knitting or tidying up.

– Declaration of the Rights of Girls.


Both of these articles specifying the rights of boys and girls respectively are chosen by Dhruv for this post from the books Declaration of the Rights of Boys and Declaration of the Rights of Girls by Elisabeth Brami and Estelle Billon – Spagnol.



Joining Tulika Singh with her #BookBytes post

If you stumble upon a quote, a line (or two) or even a passage that leaps out at you demanding to be shared, do join in with #BookBytes. To know the rules, head over to Tulika’s post by clicking on the above link.


  1. Hi Anamika,

    Pertinent question: are these books available in India? I’ll check Amazon once though.

    Thanks for bringing to our attention such valuable books.

    Lovely book bytes indeed!


  2. Oh these are absolutely fantastic. Now I must look for 6 year olds to gift these books to. Thank you so very much for joining in – it’s great to have you and Dhruv along.


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