Totally Rubbish Monday Post Ideas #MondayMusings

3 hours back, I sat down with my diary to write my rough draft on the steps I have pursued in the past 7 months to deal with my anxieties and depression considering I am way better now than I was this time around last year and in the months which followed. As I was writing the introduction of how it all began, I couldn’t restrain to keep the introduction to just that and it carried on and on comprising of what and how I went through month after month. This description ran into 5 pages before I reached the month when I began taking corrective steps. By the end of the 5th page, I gave up.

I took up the laptop to start writing the steps straight away limiting the introduction to 2 sentences. 3 steps and 600 words into it, it became clear today is not the day for this. I will have to move away from it for sometime, revisit and work on it later for some other Monday.

Thus, 3 hours hence, I do not have a Monday Musings post.


In another context –

This morning, while we were at the breakfast table, I mentioned it to Dhruv I had no topic in my mind today to write my Monday post on.

To this, he suggested, “You can write about my new interest in sharks.”

“What about sharks?” I was curious.

“The facts about sharks which I keep researching. How many years does the Great White Shark live? How long is the Hammerhead Shark? How is it possible for a 117 cm shark to eat a 150 cm shark? What will happen if a man goes inside a building where there is a shark containing big aquarium and shoots at the aquarium glass?” were his ideas.

“I am not sure if anyone will be interested in reading these facts on my blog. They can go and google instead,” was my counter idea.

“Oh yeah, this makes sense,” was his closing.

Therefore nothing worked out for this Monday post and all the ideas just rubbished out.

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#Monday Musings


  1. You created a post out of “rubbish pst ideas”, Anamika. D’s research is very extensive, isn’t it? He can make a journal out of the curious things he is learning now.
    You can make the anxiety post into a series if it is too long to share it in one post. 🙂


  2. Hahahaha! On the contrary, I would definitely love to read about Dhruv and his ideas and the answers to his questions in his words, and not with the help of Google ji maharaj!
    Love that guy, yaar! Kya dimag chalta hai! Bhai waah!
    Do consider doing a post on his above queries. 😛


  3. Yes, aaj kal everything is there on Google. So one wonders what’s the point? Perhaps he can maintain a journal. I am sure you will go back to the post that you were writing. Very pleased to know that you are doing better now, Anamika.


  4. Don’t worry too much about introduction. Also you can split the post in two. I am sure anyone going through anxiety would love to read about it. Druv has such varied interests. And I love reading about sharks 😊


  5. I liked how you “created” a post out of this conversation, Anamika! Hats off to you!! and I definitely think you should have written about the ways you have dealt with your anxiety and depression! It will be good for you to revisit your efforts and help others who are unsure about how to deal with it for themselves or for a loved one. Please write, Anamika. Padhne ke liye yahan to public ready hai. Bas likhne ki hi der hai.
    Btw, I’d love to see a post on how you took up crocheting and how you completed your first granny square! 🙂


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