The Magnolia Tree #ThursdayTreeLove

The Magnolia tree in summer
The tree in spring
The tree in winter

Linking this post to #ThursdayTreeLove hosted by Parul Kashyap Thakur


  1. Magnolia trees are very graceful and majestic and I love the blooms! Loved all the three shots you shared, but the second picture a little more because the buds make it look very pretty!

    Today, I posted my second #TTL post after resuming it last week. ( Was on a longish break from posting my tree pictures but now, that I have quite a few in my folder, will be more regular.


  2. The first time I looked at the picture, my heart went out to the tree in the second picture–its spring look. I went back up after scrolling to the bottom to have a closer look at the pics. So, those are its blooms! I think I must check out this post on my mobile so that I can enlarge the pics to get a clearer look at the pics! Nazar kamjor! 😦


  3. I love magnolias esepcially after I saw the movie ‘Steel Magnolias’. I’m amazed though that you managed to keep all the photo of the tree in one folder so that you could print them all at the same time. I always lose my photos and go crazy trying to track them down


  4. I love how you compared the summer and winter look. Just like our moods, someday we are all bright and cheerful and someday barren and gloomy.


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