Because we care #BookBytes 6

Everyone needs support and T.L.C

The thug, the mug and the people like me.

The helpless, the lonely all need a friend.

To chillax and max with days on end.

No fakers, takers or heart breakers.

Peace and love will always mate us.

War and crime will only break us.

But real friendship will forever make us.

These are the lines from the rap poem ‘Because we care’ from the book Rappaman! To the rescue: In the book of rooms. This book is a collection of RAP poems for 6+ year olds by the poet Donovan Christopher.


I met Donovan Christopher at the Blackburn Children’s Literature Festival on 21st June. It was amazing to talk to this inspiring poet and rapper. His poetry style is unique yet fun and accessible for the young readers at the same time.

Note: RAP means Rhythmic African Poetry.



Joining Tulika Singh with her #BookBytes post

If you stumble upon a quote, a line (or two) or even a passage that leaps out at you demanding to be shared, do join in with #BookBytes. To know the rules, head over to Tulika’s post by clicking on the above link.



  1. I liked this RAP poetry! And, not just 6 yr olds, but even 60-year-olds will relate to this poetry! Yup, we all need some TLC, some support! I am craving for one these days 😦


  2. Ha ha I can so imagine Dhruv in a hoodie or a baseball cap rapping away. It’s fabulous that you got to meet the author/poet. Thanks for Linking up Anamika.


  3. I absolutely loved this rap, Anamika. Good poetry always speaks to the heart. Lucky you met the rapper at the Lit Fest. Not just 6 year olds but even grownups will get totally carried away by the rhythms of the lines—it’s that good!
    Just visited Tulika’s post now, before visiting you and got inspired to join in with a bookbytes post, myself! Will try and link up tonight or tomorrow.


  4. Mujhe laga tumko bhi Gully Boy ka hawa lag gayi..let me confess I didn’t know the full form of RAP. I came to know after reading your post. Thanks mera gyan badane k liye.


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