Gratitude post – June 2019 #MondayMusings

Procrastination is the wall behind which I built my fort.

I wasn’t here much in the month of June. I blogged 2 weeks out of the 4 and published only 5 posts which are way below my average number in the recent months. I was camping in my fort behind that procrastination wall, lying low for most days far removed from the outside world. One of these days, I still managed to infuse my dark, dry humour into my post ‘When the calling comes…’ for the #ZombieBlogHop and that was it because I went back to being my absent self. Can I ask you to read that post (in case you have not) and tell me if my humour worked for you or not?

I missed writing my gratitude post for May last month. Hence, I am combining my May and June gratitude posts into one.

A. Birthday months – 

May was Dhruv’s birthday month. He turned 8 this year and it made me nostalgic taking me back to read the posts from the time he was 3 and 4. There wasn’t a birthday bash planned for him as we had plans to visit the Barnes Children Literature Festival over the birthday weekend giving him an opportunity to see his favourite author and poet, Michael Rosen, in real. He was pretty excited the whole time since we made the bookings in March.

June was my birthday month. It was a nice and quiet birthday. I have written the full post about my birthday here → A year older with some sunshine #MondayMusings


B. New friend –

After spending one whole year of making and failing friendships, just as I had accepted I am never going to find a person in the “friend sense” here, I found a beautiful soul, G,  with whom I got the pleasure to tick all my boxes. A chance meeting led to a brief chatting at the school book fair where we were the only 2 mothers present at the given time. Interest in children’s book was the binding factor, as I discovered. A few weeks later, when we met in a city coffee shop, we got to bond some more over the mutual love of tea and the similarity between India and China. Read our bonding story here → The Tea Tick

I have been to 2 bookish events with her in June.  It feels grateful to have her company.

The Chinese Tea

C. Outdoors – 

It is never summery for long in the region where I live. Warm days are too good at making the disappearing act. Warm days or not, we spent a wide deal of time exploring new walks and sea-side visits. Also, there were visits to 2 Children Literature Festivals and a visit to the city library for an author visit event where I got to know about the refugee crises in Europe.

The places we visited during May and June –

i) Lytham – Our favourite sea-side spot for the evening walk over the weekends. Lytham is at an half-an-hour drive westwards from Preston.

ii) Morecombe – For some strange reason, whenever I say ‘Morecombe’, the following lines from the song ‘Noor-e-khuda’ start playing in my mind.


तू कहाँ छुपा है हमें ये बता
यूँ ना हमसे नज़रें फिरा

As with most of the places in the UK, this place is not pronounced as it is spelled. It is pronounced as Mawr-Khum. This is a coastal town on Morecambe Bay in Lancashire. We spent a total of undeterred 80 minutes walking along the sea on a day when the weather did not behave very well with being windy.

iii) Barnes and London – I have already written and talked enough about Barnes. For me, it is going to remain an event of a lifetime. This trip to London was also special since it was the first time we were not doing the usual touristy stuff running around haplessly. We were there with a purpose and we got to see a part of London we would never have visited if not for the Barnes event. However, on the way back to the train station, we had to give in to Dhruv’s desire to see the Buckingham Palace. Thus, in the end, we did do the touristy bit.

iv) Blackburn – One Saturday morning, I along with my friend, G, and her daughters, boarded the bus to go to the neighbouring city, Blackburn for the Children’s literature festival. More than the event, which was good, I thoroughly enjoyed the bus ride sitting on the upper deck of the bus as the bus made its way through the pastures, hills, and the woods. I might go there once again by bus just for the sake of that beautiful ride.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

D. Aches and pains –

Can one be grateful about aches and pains?

May started with pain and swelling in the left foot putting a week-long halt on the walks and on the stretching to keep the knee pain (in the left knee) in check. Without the stretching, the knee condition flared up. The swelled foot took 15 days to heal completely. Thereafter, began the process of concentrating on the knee. The good thing which came out of this whole episode was I initially started with stretching to keep the knee functioning without the pain and later on, over the last one and a half months, I have graduated from the stretching to an hour-long yoga which I am doing 3-4 times a week.

How was your June? Have you made your gratitude list or written your gratitude post? Would you like to share with me that one thing which you were most grateful for in the month gone by?


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#Monday Musings


  1. Hi
    That was a long series of events and lots for you to do in the month of June. June is the best month of the year for me too as it is the middle of the year – a time to take stock of where we came from and where we are going. June is also my birthday month. This year, I turned 50, so it was big.
    I enjoyed reading about your bus ride on the top of the bus, I did that a couple of times two years back when we went to Birmingham and I rode on the bus to Reading just for the heck of it. The English countryside is beautiful but where we were it was fully populated, perhaps you are in farm country.
    Happy birthday to Dhruv- may he have all the happiness in the world.


  2. Sorry to hear about the swelling and the knee. Though I can see, it got back yoga into your routine. Have read about your London experience and glad that you both were able to find time.
    I love sitting on the upper deck in a bus. It feels fun. I’m sure the countryside would have been gorgeous.
    Tulika shared a tip on procrastination in one of her posts. It asked that you tell yourself to just do something that you have been putting off for 15 mins. That does the trick.
    Why don’t you write just for 15 mins? Maybe it works. Also, free ka gyaan but have you tried putting pen to paper on where is your time going? I did that once and immediately realized where I was losing time. It works like a charm in getting back to discipline.
    Wishing you warm July and beautiful time with Dhruv!


  3. When I read about your knee issue, I was reminded of my own knee issue. it pains if I sit for too long and it makes me feel like a woman of 70 yrs. All of this after the yoga and the walk which I do regularly. It’s the wear and tear of our body that sends signals through such aches and pains.
    Keep stretching, keep walking and give the knee a good workout, if you can. That’s all we can do.
    Take care, Anu! ❤


  4. I hope your knee is better now, Anamika. Good that you are back to yoga, it might help you.

    The places here look so beautiful and you are indeed blessed to be able to visit and spend time there. Being able to take your son to a lit fest is super cool!

    Get back to writing regularly soon.


  5. Hi Anamika,
    Glad to hear your knee is doing better. How amazing is it that you can take your son for so many children’s lit fests. Don’t hide behind that fort for too long. The old, absent you is such a funny writer 😊


  6. That knee thing is a bummer. Ask me. But you did pretty good with the stretches and now Yoga. Do keep doing it, not only does it help with the knee but also with the moods. Glad that you found a friend, really glad. And how nice are all those trips you made. Do keep writing even if a little. It makes you feel better I feel. Wish you a nice July.


  7. Hope your knee is better now! It’s such a bummer when we have to curb the things we love due to these aches and pains. It’s good to know you found someone you could connect with there – the isolation otherwise can be the thing that really does you in. Here’s wishing you a super fantastic June!


  8. Okay..Firstly I am happy that you found a friend in G. Secondly, I am envious of your bus ride to Blackburn. This is like a dream ride for me. Hope one day we get to do it together if I manage to visit you. Thirdly, yeh Morecombe or Noor e Khuda ka connection samajh mein nahi aaya..but it happens. I have a friend whose name starts with R and ends with K, whenever I hear her name I start singing the song “ruk ruk ruk, arey baba ruk, oh my darling, give me a look”. I know weird stuff happens. Overall, I believe it was good. Wish you a beautiful July.


  9. Ouch on the leg pain Anamika- I hate being immobilised and I can empathise with your pain. I hope you are up and about to your normal speed.

    Your son seems to be your best companion to hang out with and its great to see how much time and energy you both are expending in exploring Lit fests – may there be many more of such outings.

    Yay on making a new friend- I know the feeling of trying it out with peeps and then failing as the bandwidth is just not there.

    wishing you a much more productive and prosperous July 🙂


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