When the calling comes… #ZombieBlogHop

Six months into 2019 and I am no longer Anamika.

I have got a different calling.

This is not an alchemist kind of post. It is way simpler.


Years ago, all I could hear and think of myself was ‘Mumma, Mumma, Mumma’. Yeah, that’s right Mumma x 3, as in first name – Mumma; middle name – Mumma and last name – Mumma. I used to wake up many mornings scratching my head to peel off the Mumma layers in order to unearth my real name. The intensive effort, which I deemed I was exerting, with the intention to reach the core of my name – no, not Netravati (if you remember that post) was not effective enough. The scratching – peeling- digging – excavating only revealed the futility of it all. The Mumma layers were not merely thicker but there was also the constant depositing of the Mumma named gravel on them in various decibels and frequency and acceleration and velocity. The layers kept getting strengthened.

Gradually, help came courtesy the Indian schooling system which adamantly came to my aid by keeping Dhruv in its custody for more than 8 hours. Thus, this way it gave me all the time in the world to launch myself as Anamika once again whereby I began orbiting the blogosphere.

Days passed by. Months passed by. Years passed by. The pages of the calendar flipped over and over.

Calendar and pages? This is not that era. Since we all have smart calendars in our smartphones, let me rephrase.

Days passed by. Months passed by. Years passed by. The screens on the smartphone calendars swiped left, left, left…

Destiny made a knock with January 2019. My paperwork got cleared and I reached Dhruv’s school to offer my voluntary services.

The office asked for my name as in Mrs. XYZ.

I considered my options –

  1. Will Mrs. Anamika do? Or,
  2. Mrs. Agnihotri? Or,
  3. Will it have to be Mrs. Vats?

The first option didn’t stand a chance. Since there was no Mr. Agnihotri in my picture, the second one also had to be crossed out. I had to make a pact with agreeing upon Mrs. Vats.

With the addressing issue resolved, each time the deputy headteacher mentioned Mrs. Vats, I couldn’t recognize who is this person. Not me, certainly. Oh yes! this is indeed me, actually.

This wasn’t the sweet end here. I reached the class where the children and the class teacher faced their own troubles with pronouncing Vats right. I, thereby, went ahead deciding to smooth things out between the class and me. I wasn’t (and am not in my head) Mrs. Vats hence it did not matter if they called me by any name.

“Call me Mrs. Vee,” I wrote on the whiteboard in the classroom.

I received this tag from Shalini R Nair and I am passing this on to Madhavi

24 bloggers have got together on this Blog Hop and it will be spread over 3 days – 17, 18, 19 June 2019. In these 24 posts, you will find a lot of joy and hope. Not to forget, some humor and stories too. Do follow the #ZombieBlogHop and don’t forget to read these all and share some love.


  1. Mrs Vee! Interesting. I’d love to watch you interact with the children. If your posts are a measure, the children will be enthralled. 💓


  2. So Agnihotri is your maiden name?? Good to hear that. Finding back your own name is difficult. Once marriage and motherhood take over we tend to put our original identity in the back seat but then something comes up and we realize that we need to bring forth that identity.
    BTW I mentioned about you in my Zombie post so do drop by. I feel happy looking at your positive and empowering posts. Keep shining.


  3. Hello Anamika. Isn’t that better than mumma? I too feel I have lost my identity yet again since I’ve become an Ajji. So dear girl, wait till you become Dadima! Glad to see though that you haven’t lost your sense of humour. I suppose that’s the only way you can keep sane. Keep smiling Mrs. Vee


  4. Congratulations on the new name Mrs Vee. Awaiting your posts on your interaction with kids. And I can so relate to the feeling of the kid off to school for 7 hours.


  5. Now that you’re a volunteer you’d be helping a lot of kids and you won’t miss Dhruv so much. .Do share your experiences with the kids, I’m sure they’ll love you.


  6. Aha! That’s wonderful news. Good to know that you are exploring and enjoying newer aspects of your personality, Anamika. All the very best to you in everything you do! Cheers!


  7. Vee sounds so Yo! Great invention and pat on your back for quick thinking Anamika.
    Your post had a direct connect with me, for I also had lost my name under the perilous 😉dumping of “Aai” by two of my kids.
    Congratulations to you for not only rediscovering yourself but also doing it at right time. Keep it up and wishing you all the success.


  8. Mrs. Vee, that was hilarious! I felt just like you did when my twins started school. I finally have a bit of a life! Looking fwd to reading more of your stuff.


  9. That was funny! Exactly the funny story I was expecting from you, Mrs Vee 🙂 You could have said, it is Vats and pronounced like V in Bats. 😀
    Tell me more about Netravati. How did I miss that? 🙂


  10. Now, who would have thought that! Mrs.Vee, nice to meet you. My husband calls me V in front of others. When no one is there he calls me… that’s not the point here, huh. 🙂
    Of all my “six months into 2019” read so far, yours is the funniest, Anamika. 🙂


  11. I LOVED the way you expressed your feelings, your annoyance (at losing your identity and trying to look for it under the layers of Mumma), and finally that fabulous sense of humour by christening yourself, Ms Vee!
    Yaar, Vee, you need to write more such posts, with this kinda expressions. This one felt like the columns I read in newspapers, esp those written by established writers. There was this “something” in this post that stands out from the many we read under the Personal category.
    We need to talk someday so I can explain it to you.


  12. Loved your hilarious account, Anamika! (Mrs Vee sounds like a stranger who I’ve never met at all, so can’t see myself addressing you as Mrs Vee!) As for the mumma layers, I can feel you, totally as I’ve been there too. Still am. I also doubt if I will ever find my real self even if I dig deep down to the bottom-most core. Keep writing and keep sharing this way, Anamika, and never mind the raita-days!
    P.S. Ab bata bhi do “drowning in my raita” ka matlab kya hai. Shilpa and myself are completely vexed.


  13. I guess every mother goes through this face of losing her identity temporarily. we are blessed to be writers and bloggers to regain our lost identity.
    Wish you much luck in the coming years.


  14. Mrs. Vee will surely make a great educator. Her posts are a reflection of how she can go into the mind space and excavate a load of brilliance.
    More power to you, Anamika.

    This post had me grinning cheek to cheek.


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