Eggs Galore #WordlessWednesday 40

It was half-term break last week meaning the customary visit to the Avenham Park had to be honoured by all means.

The weather for most of the last week was inclement with strong winds and heavy rain ensuring we stayed indoors and gloomy. Then on Thursday, I decided we HAVE to go out without caring for the rain and wind. A perky Dhruv said “bahut maza aayega baarish main ghoomne main.” So we set out.

At the park, we saw an installation of a large number of eggs. Well, they were not real eggs but painted aluminum eggs.




Don’t see it raining in the photos? To our luck, the moment we stepped out of our building, it stopped raining and the weather was already warmer. The high-speed wind also felt pleasant. If only the skies had also lightened up a bit…

Linking this post with Wordless Wednesday hosted by Esha M Dutta and Natasha Sinha


  1. The weather Gods were also by your side. How very wonderful. Those eggs look fascinating. Glad you had a good time.

    Thank you for linking up Anu, and Im sorry I haven’t been able to comment the last few times. Been snowed painting and woodwork at home, then the eleven-year-olds birthday.

    Have a great weekend!


    1. There is a life to be lived outside of blogging and it demands to be taken care of. Without it, blogging will also not make sense so don’t bother much. I enjoy Wordless Wednesday a lot so will keep posting pictures πŸ™‚
      P.S. Life and its disorientation got in my way this week and I couldn’t join #WW. Next week, I will πŸ™‚


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