Living & Dead #ThursdayTreeLove

Co-existence – Living and dead

Linking this post with #ThursdayTreeLove hosted by Parul Thakur.


  1. I love this photo and the wisdom it brought forth in the comments. We are just beginning to understand trees intellectually, though we’ve been in crucial relationships with them throughout history.


  2. That’s a beautiful shot. It feels that the tree is growing right there at the dead tree. The dead tree is majestic too. Must have been a huge one. I wonder why the trunk feels like a square one. Maybe they cleaned it up. Thank you, Anamika for clicking and sharing this. There is a lot of perspective in this shot.


    1. Actually, you are the only one who saw the photo from the same perspective as I did initially – the tree growing right in the middle of the dead tree. I have realized when we don’t write anything accompanying the photo, many perspectives come up and it becomes a learning experience in a way.

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  3. Deep rooted thought here. I think it’s marvellous how the old makes place for the new . Soon this stump will be covered by new life and the very existence of this old tree will vanish into oblivion ….


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