The Tea Tick ✔ #WordlessWednesday 38

I spent the first year of my stay in the UK in loneliness. I did my fair share of work in going out, meeting people in an attempt to make friends but it always ended up in disappointments.

Just when I had accepted I will not find a like-minded friend here in Preston, I discovered someone who perfectly fits my parameters of like-mindedness. I said punctuality, she said tick. She said loneliness, I said tick. I said books, she said tick. She said writer, I said blogger -tick tick. Superb, it was meeting her for one hour.

The gift of Chinese Tea
The two kinds of tea -strong (left) and mild (right)

She gifted me tea from her home country. Through tea, she told me, she feels the connection with her home in moments of her loneliness. And, I said tick.

Today, the Wordless Wednesday post ticked the parameter of Wednesday Musings.

Linking this post with Wordless Wednesday hosted by Esha M Dutta and Natasha Sinha


  1. It can get lonely in a new place and making a new friend can feel ominuous. Glad you found a friend who ticks all the right boxes for you and you do for her.

    Anamika, would love to know more about your outings with your new friend. This deserves a few words 🙂


  2. There are some things in life that are predestined and meeting a kindred soul like the one you just did, is also one of them—that’s my belief! I’m happy for you because loneliness isn’t a nice feeling. As I move to a new home this coming week, I’m going with a lot of hopes and worries assailing the mind-finding a friend is also one of them. With the years, I realise finding a good friend is like winning a lottery!


  3. On one hand, I like the subtlety of the post and on the other, I want to tell you are you are not alone.
    Good you found some tea that you can have tea with and talk in chinese whispers 😀


  4. Anamika
    I am glad you found a friend you could trust. May it be a long and a gratifying friendship. I am sad to hear you are lonely. I wish you would write to me ( email)-I love receiving emails and I reply to them too. I have found my blogging email friends are some of my biggest comfort in life.


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