Gratitude list – April 2019 #MondayMusings


In my previous gratitude post, I called myself a compulsive blogger because I had got in the habit of setting aside everything (necessary and unnecessary) on each weekday morning consistently during the first 3 months of 2019 to blog whether it was publishing new posts on my blog or reading other blogs. I thought it will continue in the same way in April too despite the fact the readership was bound to go down due to a large number of bloggers participating in the A to Z challenge, Dhruv having 2 weeks of Easter holidays in school and our impending India visit during those 2 weeks.

However, it did not happen that way. The holidays and the trip caused me to take my time off blogging and for good.

I am still getting back to my blogging schedule slowly and gradually thanks to the long resting period. The month of May is in its second week now and with much effort, I have set myself the goal of writing my gratitude post for April and to set the momentum.

April saw me grateful for –

♣️ India trip

I am extremely grateful to my brother and sister-in-law for arranging this trip for Dhruv and me to their place in Bangalore. I am also grateful to my parents who flew down from Delhi to stay with us. It was a much-needed relaxation time after all that I went through in the past year. I also got my various medical tests done and thankfully things turned out fine.

♣️ Air Travel

The flight from Manchester to Bangalore was not entirely a comfortable one with Dhruv becoming sick with nausea in the flight. He is repulsive to strong food smells especially of non-vegetarian food. Thankfully, he threw up on himself and his seat only after the flight landed on the Bangalore airstrip thus limiting our sitting time in that tricky situation. I managed to keep my anxiety in check, dealt with the situation and cleaned him without a fuss.

The return flight, on the other hand, was smoother in every which way and I did not forget to say my gratitude prayer for that.

♣️ Meeting close friends in Bangalore

I had plans to meet 6 close friends during my Bangalore stay. I am grateful to have met with 3 eventually. Among the bloggers, I met with Parul and Esha. It always feels nice to meet and chat with them. For the first time, Dhruv did not accompany me on both the occasions as it always used to be the case earlier.

I visited my apartment complex to meet a close friend. I love that place and the people there. The lovely time I have spent living in that community until last year will remain etched in my memory forever. I hope I can go back to living there again upon our return to India.

♣️ Gratitude journal

I have not been regular in updating my daily gratitude journal for many months. I changed this practice upon my return to Preston in April. Since 21st April, I am writing in it daily. I am not straining myself if I do not have even 1 point to write on any given day. I still say and write ‘I am grateful’ followed by a full stop.

♣️ Walking Challenge

The past year and my struggle with my mental health saw my physical health deteriorating as well. On top of that, living with an influential foodie has not helped with keeping the weight in check. Hence, with the temperatures rising and the cold weather retreating (to an extent), I set myself a challenge to walk 10,000 steps daily for 5 days a week beginning 23rd April.

2 weeks have passed and I have walked 2 days against 5 per week. The challenge was developing the will power in the first week. After overcoming this will power challenge in the second week, I developed swelling and intense pain in my left foot bringing me criticism from close quarters and derailing my walking expedition.

I hope to improve my average walking days in May. The thought that I started makes me feel grateful.

♣️ Voluntary work

I am still going to school though I have reduced the number of days in a week from two to one. I am at peace with the once-a-week plan for now.

With this, I wish all the readers of my blog a happy and peaceful May.


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  1. When I first started walking as exercise, I quickly learned, from aching feet, knees, and hips, that you can have to relearn how to walk correctly! (Also, that they make any blister socks!) Pull your tummy towards your spine, and told your his forward. Don’t lock your knees. And work your way up to 10k steps. It’s not a magic number. Just do a few more than you did yesterday, and keep on doing that consistently.

    I love reading your gratitude journals!


    1. Your comment makes me realise that no exercise is supposed to be easy. I thought walking will come easy but I guess that needs to be worked upon too. Not locking the knees is what I have to be vigilant about having a weak left knee already. Thank you for your support by reading my gratitude post, Holly.


      1. Oh, yes! My knees were killing me when I started. Hips came next, after I worked up to 4-6 miles. Now, I’ve noticed something weird about how I bend to unload dishes – I sometimes get a little twinge in a tendon that feels like I’ve locked the BACK of my knee!


  2. Isn’t that such a wonderful feeling, just writing this post, Anu?
    Thanking the Universe for every little thing, the people we meet in our Life and the work that we can do, in our space and our time, is truly a blessing.


    1. It definitely is. The most wonderful thing which happened after writing this post is I got into my blogging groove immediately. Published 2 posts this week, read and commented on many blogs and replying to the comments on my blog. The only thing I am waiting for is bloggers below me in the weekly thread visiting my this week’s post.


      1. I am glad you got back into your groove, Anu. But, may I suggest something? Don’t wait for people to drop by…that way you could end up with heartache. Expectations nahi rakh kisise. Just enjoy blogging and writing…love it for the happiness it gives you.


      2. If just blogging and writing are enough and not being read is to be okay, then there is no point of sharing the post links in the FB thread. The whole purpose getting defeated doesn’t make me satisfied.


  3. I hope the ankle pain was not from overdoing the walking bit suddenly- I hope you rest your ankle well and start in smaller measures. More power to your walkathon as this is the ONLY thing that sustains the weight loss and keeps you fitter than any other exercise/gum schedule. Its just slower and one needs to persist- but the results are great. I am suffering from Thyroid and the weight is such an issue – top that with lethargy and low stamina – been walking on and off over last 2 years and been irregular like 2-3 times a week routine. But I have finally started to see weight going down! I look forward to my walks now and go like 4-5 times a week since past 3 months.

    Happy to see you back at the blog- a break is always really good! Wishing you a momentous May with sumptuous writing mojo!!!! xoxo


    1. It is not the ankle but the top side of the foot. it may have been due to overdoing the walking at the very beginning or due to over tightening of the shoelaces. After a 2 week break, it has got quite better now. I do not have hyperthyroidism and yet I suffer from lethargy and low stamina so to some extent I can understand the effort it takes to maintain any kind of fitness schedule. Congratulations to you for starting to get the desired result with respect to your weight. Coming back to blogging after a break feels good and I am hoping to stay put at it for now 🙂


  4. have you ever given yourself a pat on the back for taking up the walking challenge in the first place, or for writing your gratitude journal despite the odds, or even for getting back to your Gratitude post? If you haven’t, do so now. What you are going through is happening to most of us right now, Anamika! It is normal for all of us to falter but at least you are trying to motivate yourself, so you will get to your target very soon. Just take small doable steps and keep it consistent. I would say 10,000 steps should not be the target. The target should be to walk for 45 mins or 60 mins and enjoy the silence of nature. Kaisa laga mera idea, zara bataana! 🙂


    1. Hahah…khayal bahut achha hai 🙂
      I gave a pat on my back after reading your comment. “Well done”, I said to myself. With respect to the 10K steps a day, I did my calculations and arrived at the conclusion it wasn’t difficult to achieve it during a weekday since as it is I walk to school twice a day as well as walk the errands. Maybe it wasn’t the right time to start or it had to offer a lesson about a new type of pain. Since the last couple of years, each year has been bringing a lesson in dealing with a new type of pain. There must be a committee for Pain in some plane which is watching over me looking after me in a way to give me enough content to keep my blog running. Sab achha chalta rahega to kiske baare main likhungi.


  5. Glad to hear the tests were all ok and you had a lovely trip to India. Parul and Esha are lovely, aren’t they? I got to meet them too when I was there {among others} and it was like I’d known them forever. Good work with the walking challenge! Our physical health definitely has an impact on our mental health – I have been struggling to wake up and exercise this past week as it’s been getting colder here but I’m hoping to get back to it because my mood hasn’t been great either lately. Hope you have a wonderful May!


    1. Parul and Esha are definitely my favourite people among the bloggers in Bangalore and we have been meeting atleast once a year in the last 2-3 years. Physical health and mental health are dependent on each other. If one suffers, the other suffers too. Hope you get back to your exercises sooner than soon. You too have a wonderful May, Sanch.


  6. That was a decent month and I see quiet determination and grit written all over this post, Anamika. So well done for that. That situation with Dhruv in the flight would have made anyone anxious but you dealt with it so well. I am sure that trip to Bangalore must have been so relaxing. Glad you got to meet a few friends.

    Also happy that you have set yourself targets for walking. I would suggest not keeping 10K steps as target. Walk for specified time daily. So if you are starting after a break, start with 15-20 minutes of walking daily. Don’t push for too much speed. Our goal here is to sustain and then build upon it. After 5 days, you can increase the walking time by 5-10 minutes and again sustain it for 5 days. That way you slowly build regularity, stamina and your speed will go up too. Good luck! And have a wonderful May!


    1. I take your advice on the walking aspect. My foot has got better than earlier and I hope to resume walking from Monday. Next week I am going to walk a quarter of the park. In the following week, I will walk half of it and then see how it goes on from there. Thank you, Rachna 🙂


  7. Oh Anu, you are doing fabulous and surely deserve a huge pat on the back and a round of applause.
    Your gratitude post is prodding me to write mine too.
    I like the 10 k steps target. Been trying to keep up with it but it’s mostly 3-4 times a week.
    The days I walk for over an hour the targets are more than smashed the rest get a little laid back.
    I also write my gratitude note in my planner almost everyday. Got back to the habit after a little break.
    It is such a liberating and empowering habit and I do intend to keep up with it just like you.

    Glad your India trip was great. Parul and Esha are two very lovely people. Love them too. So glad you guys caught up.

    You have a good May ahead and don’t be too hard on yourself. Know you are doing fabulously well.
    Big love!


  8. I am glad you got to have a relaxing India trip. We all need a break from the routine.

    And I really admire the way you set goals for yourself. Walking has been a goal of mine too. And I too have had setbacks, similar to yours. The only way that finally worked was increasing time and pace incrementally. I started with 20 mins, then went up to 30, now am up to 45. The goal is to be able to do an hour per day, 5 days a week.

    Wishing you the best.


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