A dream vs A quest – Quotes #BookBytes 3

A dream dreamed by one person is just a dream. A dream that you can share is a quest.

When you are on a quest, every step that takes you nearer to your goal is glorious. Even if you’re stepping through fish guts.

If a button is pressed or a lever is pulled in one place, something will happen in a different place.

If your friends need you, but you turn away from them, then you will be lost. 

Impossible things are just a lot of possible things put together in a different order than usual.

The rule of #BookBytes posts is to post a quote or a sentence or a passage from a book that tugs at the heart. I broke this rule here in this post by writing several quotes from a children’s book which I happened to like undoubtedly – The Great Rocket Robbery by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

Seriously, do tell me if these simple quotes do not speak to you.


What is this book about? What is the story? What does the cover page of the book give away about the story? These are the questions which shall be answered in my book review post on Friday.


Joining Tulika Singh with her #BookBytes post

If you stumble upon a quote, a line (or two) or even a passage that leaps out at you demanding to be shared, do join in with #BookBytes. To know the rules, head over to Tulika’s post by clicking on the above link.


  1. Yes, they speak a lot. I read and I also re-read them. Children’s book give a different perspective to me now.


    1. The different perspective is what I began to love about children’s books after I discovered them for reading to my 2-year-old son all those years ago. They give their message with such simplicity that one may become bound to appreciate them.


  2. That last one is my favourite, though the first one also spoke to me.
    Thanks for linking up Anamika.


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