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The first quarter of 2019 is over with more ups than downs for me. March was overall a calm and peaceful month. There were 3 or 4 days when I felt bogged down due to the loneliness and friendlessness but thanks to the weather improving and the spring setting in, I walked out my dampening thoughts. Of course, I had the ever-enthusiastic Dhruv for the company who made sure we achieved our 10,000 steps target on the Fitbit every time we stepped out. Yesterday, we logged in 13000 steps

(13300 steps I hear him correct me in my head) and he was convinced we must do it every evening. Papa is out of this plan as he is not keen on walking, not this much walking.

I am feeling quite nice this morning. This is the last week before the school closes for 2 weeks long Easter Holidays.

On a content note, here is my gratitude list for March –

(A) Husband was away in India for the last 2 weeks of March. We were slightly worried about how Dhruv would manage without him given that he is more attached to him and together they have more fun with their interests in watching cricket matches, comedy movies, and Kapil Sharma Show. I am forever left wondering how both of them can laugh hysterically at the silly jokes. Dhruv missed his Papa for the first 2 days and then he was fine. Dhruv and I went back to how we used to live and spend time living alone in Bangalore with lots of reading, funny lyrical singing, bookstore visits, park visits and lots of hugging.

(B) Dhruv is doing very well at school. Last week, he was among the 4 children chosen by his school out of all the classes to attend Able Writer’s Day held at another school. It is an annual event where an author/poet is invited to conduct a day-long session on storytelling and creative writing with children. The school letter about the same filled my heart with the satisfaction that my boy is writing.

He also received the Superstar (from his class) of the week award in the school assembly for the 3rd time in this academic year. Each time I have attended the assembly on his award days, I have felt extremely grateful listening to the teachers how kindly they speak of children and the reasons they give for recognising and choosing the superstars from their respective classes. It fills me with joy and my sensitivity tells me that no matter how much this moving to the UK has been tough for me but it has been for Dhruv’s good.

(C) I began volunteering in his school half-days twice a week in January to step out of the house and do something meaningful than feeding my anxieties staying at home. I braved my inner inertia over the first 2 months by pushing myself to not miss a single day. I still missed 3 days out of 22 days. By the time March came, I was settled and began looking forward to my volunteering days. I am enjoying the time I spend amongst the 5 and 6 years old helping them with their classwork and listening to their reading.

(D) I got a health scare with piercing pain in my breasts and the first thing I thought was “Oh God! I have developed breast cancer”. I read everything that was available on the net related to breast cancer to find out there were none of the symptoms. I reminded myself how in 2017, I had terrible knee pain caused due to gymming and I had thought I would never be able to walk again and will be left crippled for life. It did not happen. I was able to treat my knee pain with yoga. The piercing breast pain is no longer there to my relief. However, I have plans to visit the doctor on my visit to India soon. I do not trust the NHS.

(E) I watched the Netflix series Kindness Diaries with Dhruv. In this series, an Englishman, Leon Logothetis, living in Los Angeles travels the world without money relying only on the kindness of people. In season 1, he travelled the world west to east from Los Angeles to Vietnam and in Season 2, he travelled from Alaska down to the southernmost tip of Argentina. This series was an eye-opener in many ways for both us. It gave us a chance to see various countries and their people, learn about their history and appreciate the kindness prevalent in the world despite all the turmoil and despair. It was quite moving and stimulated our emotions in the process. We finished watching the last episode of Season 2 yesterday night and Dhruv was saddened at the thought of missing Leon and the programme.


How was your March? Do you maintain a gratitude journal or say your gratitude prayers? Tell me about it.

With the blogging world getting busy with the A to Z challenge in April, the readership of the non-participating blogs goes down drastically. In this light, I am figuring out if I should divert my energies to other things I have planned to do for some time and do not blog this month. Yet, I know ‘not blogging’ is not going to happen as I have become a compulsive blogger now. If you are a blogger, what is your take on this? Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. So relieved to learn that there is someone out there who also doesn’t find Kapil Sharma’s jokes funny. Cheers, on that! 😛
    Keep going, Anu….go to school, mingle with the kids and stay occupied. Keep the anxiety at bay. Colour, read, write, blog, walk, watch movies, but keep the anxieties at bay. I am doing it and so should you, buddy!
    Take care and do have a doctor take a look at the pain in the breast. It can be frightening, but DO NOT think the worse! It’s my gynaec friend’s advice to every woman.


    1. Of course, how could you have loved Kapil Sharma show’s jokes when I do not 🙂 Aren’t we the same kind of people! 🙂
      I have been trying to stay occupied to not allow anxiety to find a creek to seep in. Rachna’s comment on breast pain has been the most relieving.


  2. Dhruv is a rockstar, no wonder he was among the chosen few. I am so happy to read about your volunteering work. I am sure you are enjoying it. You deserve a clap for this. I also once had a pain in my breast but later it was diagnosed as a small benign cyst.


      1. Oh.. the cyst in the breast?? I was given oral medication. It was more of a milk solidification as my son never breastfed.


  3. I am so happy to read that you had a good month, Anamika. Not so good 4-5 days in a month is actually not so bad. What makes it better is reaching out and trying to fix the not so good ones. You are doing so much with the volunteer at school and blogging and visits to the park (promoting yourself as the tree paparazzi).
    I am hoping to write one post per week. I know AtoZ challenge would reduce the traffic but the question is can you survive without blogging?


    1. Thanks for being there each time when I need to talk. I hope I am also able to offer my support when you need it. The tree paparazzi has been the amusing part 😀 😀
      I read your tweet that you are not blogging in April. It is a good idea.


  4. Three cheers to Dhruv! Hip hip hurray 🙂 And oh now, consult a doctor soon? At least you’d be sure there is nothing to worry about. Have a happy April 🙂


  5. I loved reading about your March. It’s a happy post and fills me with desire to give you and D a BIG hug. I never thought of the stats going down since A to Z is on but you are right. Let’s read each other and keep the numbers up. No-blogging is out of question.
    Keep volunteering and keep yourself occupied. I am happy for D and that he is doing well. You know, you are also doing well. You are writing, walking and taking care of your health, as a family you three are together and you have your virtual friends (like me) around. Things will get better from here and I don’t think you need to find like minded friends in Preston. Be your own friend and do something that gives you peace.
    I won’t give that much gyaan but know that I am always around. I wish D and you an even better April and have fun on that trip to London!


    1. I was the one who mentioned the stats figures dropping due to A to Z challenge but strangely this year it hadn’t been the case given that nearly all of my readers are not doing the challenge. And those who are doing it have not been visiting my blog for a long time so no loss.
      You are right I shouldn’t be looking anymore for like-minded friends in Preston. I function at a different frequency, the one which matches with my virtual friends and I should be content with this. ‘Be my own friend’ has to be my mantra 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Happy to hear about your March, Anamika. Dhruv seems to be thriving and kudos for that. Glad to hear that the two of you spent such nice two weeks together. Health scares are the worst. They really eat away at our mental peace. I had also developed breast pain and when I visited the gynae she said it sometimes happens due to hormonal change. My knee pain is also back after being almost gone. So again I am back to physiotherapy and have taken up swimming this summer. I would say you continue to write once a week. This is the first time I am taking part in A to Z yet I do read all my favourite blogs. It is hectic though I must say. Take care.


    1. Your mentioning ‘favourite blogs’ made me the happiest.
      I follow your tweets so I know the A to Z challenge has been very hectic. I wish I knew swimming to have an alternative. My knee pain keeps coming back whenever I stop doing yoga. The downward dog pose has been the most effective in strengthening the muscles around the knee and keeping knee pain at bay. I hope my breast pain was due to hormonal changes but it would take a doctor to give the final word.


  7. Glad to hear March was a good one for you. Volunteering is always great and I’m sure it leaves you feeling quite fulfilled. Go Dhruv! He’s doing an awesome job. Sorry to hear about the piercing pain in your breast – health issues suck. And it’s sad that the NHS is not trustworthy – I thought the health system in the UK was meant to be quite good. Hope you have a wonderful April. There’s still a lot of us not participating in the A to Z challenge

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The NHS is ineffective in these times due to the high pressure on the system and cuts in government funding. I am sure a visit to the GP, after waiting for a month to get his appointment, in my case of breast pain would have given me a prescription of pain killers and no further diagnosis.


  8. I didn’t even know about this challenge. I blog every day in November, so I will not be joining the A-Z Challenge. I guess my readership will go down too! 😀


      1. I haven’t seen a drop in views, just the usual numbers. April’s kind of an “iffy” month–lots going on, plus warmer temperatures, more time outdoors.


  9. It’s always fun to read your roundup post. Over the years I’ve realised children are very fickle when it comes to their affections, sadly so. They are quite content as long as they have a loving adult around. I am glad you’ve started volunteering. I always thought that would a lot of fun. Unfortunately we don’t have such opportunities here. Moving abroad often works best for the kids.
    When are you coming to India? That medical checkup is crucial.
    I must check out the series on Netflix. I read a similar book about two men who decide to travel through Britain without any money – A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain – it was a fun read.
    Oh and keep blogging please. We non A to Zers need to stick together :-).


    1. Children are indeed fickle. Often the filmy dialogue comes to my mind – “Kya main ne ye din dekhne ke liye tujhe (akele) paal poes ke itna bada kiya…”
      Did you get time to check the series Kindness Diaries? You are going to enjoy it.
      I wanted to blog as usual over this month but have not been able to since Dhruv’s Easter Holidays are going on.


  10. I’m so happy to hear that my favourite boy is doing so well! It’s amazing how much kind and encouraging teachers help to draw out children.
    Sorry to hear about your health scare, but glad it has passed off. Sensible that you plan to have a check-up though.
    I’ve not heard of the Kindness Diaries – and now am in two minds whether to watch or read. Suggestions?
    About the blogging, I’m trying to push myself to blog more, regardless of the traffic this month. My advice is that while content may be king, consistency is queen! (ah a nice headline for a post, no?)


    1. It always makes me happy when you visit my post, Corinne, and a long comment from you makes me dance with joy :
      With respect to the kindness of teachers, Dhruv never ceases to bring out this difference between his teachers in India and UK. Since I haven’t heard about the book on the series Kindness Diaries, I can only suggest to watch it. It was educational in terms of countries from Central and South America and the lesser known countries of Europe.
      I get it about consistency being the queen having witnessed how being consistent has been good for my blog since Jan this year.


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