Weekend escapades #WordlessWednesday 33

Last Saturday, the cold weather and gusty wind relented a bit so we headed out to our favourite destination – the riverside park known as Avenham and Miller Park. It is the same park of which I have been posting photos in the past weeks. Here are a few of the latest lot of photographs.






Linking this post with Wordless Wednesday hosted by Esha M Dutta and Natasha Sinha


  1. The weather certainly seems to be better now. So much of greenery feels very soothing to the eye! The beautiful signages, the walking paths, the carefully landscaped garden, the pretty pink blooms—everything seems to add to the serene beauty of the park! (Btw, did Mr D enjoy his time there?) Thank you for sharing a slice of your life with us this week, Anamika. Happy #ww and a lovely rest of the week to you. 🙂


    1. Dhruv enjoys his time spent in nature as much as I do. This is one of the lots of the things which makes me feel grateful that he hasn’t taken it after his father who favours malls over parks and gardens 😀 To this Dhruv had to say that though he loves going to parks with me, he definitely loves his Papa more than me.

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      1. haha…you can never win, Anamika! This balance is already skewed, right from the very start. But, at least, he is enjoying nature walks with you and that is what truly matters. I guess kids who have spent time in the midst of nature grow up to love nature a lot more. So, you can still keep moulding his sensibilities towards that direction.

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  2. Wow such splendid shots, and so very precious. Is that a manor out there anamaika ?
    I’m really fascinated by the Cyclist track. Wish I could cycle in such picturesque locales too. Someday😊

    And I love the burst of pink that the transiting season has brought in.
    Thank you for this visual feast.

    Hope our dapper boy D had a blast.

    A blessed Wednesday and a terrific rest of the week! Love and light.


    1. Isn’t springtime just lovely? One can’t have enough of looking at the trees. So nice to hear to spring descending in Canada after a hard winter. Can’t wait to see the blooms from your part of the world.


  3. Lovely clicks, Anamika. So you took the official paparazzi title of that area, didn’t you? 😀 I’m not complaining. All these photos are beautiful. 🙂


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