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Just like any other morning, I woke up today. I said my gratitude prayer, got my phone from the other room and switched on the wifi. I generally spend 15-20 minutes thereafter browsing WhatsApp messages from family in India, scanning through FB, Twitter, and WordPress.

I can say it was just another morning. Until…



Until I came across the bulk of tweets on my @bookshelfyellow twitter handle about Barnes Children’s Literature Festival to be held in May this year. I went through the tweets and found the authors’ names who would be attending the festival. I found Judith Kerr, Axel Scheffler, Michael Rosen, Lisa Thompson, Francesca Simon in the list. It was surreal for me at that moment. “Is it possible for me to meet these authors, whom I (and Dhruv) have loved, whose books we have read over the last 6 years and have grown up on? (Yeah, so what if I am nearing 40, I am still growing up on a diet of children’s books.) Can I meet Judith Kerr, the author who wrote the classic The Tiger who came to tea? I have never imagined in my reading life that it can be possible to meet these figures. Such were the thoughts brewing in my mind this morning.

You know I can shed tears at the drop of the hat and there I was a misty-eyed fangirl, not ready to get out of bed to start the day. Immediately, I sent out a message to husband, who is in India for 2 weeks, expressing the desire to attend this children’s literature festival. I pitched in with how it would prove to be a lifetime experience for Dhruv (and implicitly me too) to meet his ideal writers in person and attend their talks and workshops. It would be the perfect birthday gift for him this year. He is turning 8 on 11th May. Not holding a birthday party has been on our agenda for this year since we consider it a waste of money and energy and especially here where he doesn’t have friends outside school except for Mr. A.

My pitching worked. Both of us did the calculations and agreed it will not come to be an expensive affair. I have spent the first half of the day so far planning the details, the events to be attended, exploring the venues on google maps and booking the tickets.

Can you feel my exuberance beaming through your computer/mobile screens? I am that ecstatic that I can bounce out of your screens and give you tight hugs.

A short backstory

In June 2013 when I returned to Preston after visiting London, I made a conclusion that there is not much left to do now, not much left to travel or visit now after having been to Chicago, New York, Orlando, and London. Little did I know then I would visit London twice again. Each time I have visited London, I have considered it to be the last visit.Β  I have such fewer expectations from life and hereΒ  I am travelling to London once again (the fourth time) but not as a tourist but to attend a children’s literature festival.

Life and its mysterious ways.


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  1. I’ve never attended a kids lit fest. It must be a real treat to meet the authors, to hear them speak in person or to participate in discussions or workshops. I get your excitement and I’m looking forward to lots of pictures and detailed accounts. Have fun.


    1. Children’s literature festivals are good events for the whole family. I had been to Bookaroo in Bangalore in 2017. But to get to attend one in London which is 2 and a half hours away by train from Preston is altogether a thrilling feeling. There will surely be pictures and lots of them πŸ™‚


  2. Loved your post. Anamika, I loved the fact that you got what you wanted- and you are going to the lit festival. Great planning and convincing – I am sure Dhruv will appreciate all that you have put into his life to make it interesting as he was growing up. Is he happier in the English school ?
    There is a youtuber called Deepika -
    Maybe you already watch her videos or know her even. But just in case- she is a British Indian like you.


    1. Dhruv is definitely happier here in his school here. He loves his school and teachers more than he did in India. I did not know about this YouTube channel. I scrolled it a bit to find it is about housekeeping and recipes. I am not much into housework and only do bare minimal cleaning but will explore the videos more sometime. A British Indian! That’s not me πŸ™‚
      I am an Indian living in Britain with no plans to settle here and who would go back to India by the end of this year or maximum next year.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Anamika, I am so glad to read you plan to go back to the home country this year or next. I love your honesty and the posts you write. Hope to see you sometime in person.


  3. OMG! I am excited now. Not just for Dhruv and you, but for myself. I will now be able to read the stories of the Children’s Lit fest that will spill over from your heart to ours. We have a kids lit fest in Delhi names Bookaroo. Time to go back this year again, as its been a while.

    Have a blast Anamika, London beckons yet again.
    Hugs back at ya! And Dhruv.


  4. Wow that is so exciting. Life has its own way of changing our paths. It would be an excellent opportunity for Dhruv to meet his favorite authors which will further increase his interest in reading.


  5. I did feel your excitement bubbling through my screen! SO so happy for you guys! Go ahead, have a fabulous time and then write about it and share pics, too! ❀


  6. How exciting is that Anu – I am sure you both are going to have such a whale of a good time. I cant wait to be regaled about your adventure now and take lots of pics please ❀


  7. Oh yay! It is so awesome when you can meet your literary icons and listen to them speak and maybe even get signed copies and speak to them! So thrilled Dhruv and you get to experience this.


  8. That sounds surreal to me. You know one thing that I truly believe in, Anamika? It’s the power of dreams. While most people talk about actions, I feel that dreaming is important. Dreams come true. I am very happy for you and trust me never say/think never.


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