A bookworm’s treasure #WordlessWednesday 32

Badges from Enchantico
Bookmarks procured from various sources. The smileys one is handmade by Dhruv.
Bookmarks received as gifts from Esha M Dutta and Shilpa Gupte

This is got to be a bookish week. Yesterday, it was the Book Bytes post and today it is a bookworm’s treasure showcase.

“What is an elephant doing there among the bookworm badges?” I heard you think.Β  It is a special gift for me from the host of this link-up party, Esha, from her travels to Sri Lanka. I brought it along with me from India and the bookmarks she and Shilpa Gupte gifted me.

Linking this post with Wordless Wednesday hosted byΒ Esha M DuttaΒ andΒ Natasha Sinha





  1. Oh! I love these knick-knacks that you have shared, Anu. What a unique #WW post. Thank you. πŸ™‚

    And who is the artist of that zentangled card or is it a book mark? Love it. Shilpa is it?

    Bowled over by your ‘book” specific badges. Wish I had a few of those too.
    Love that Elephant Esha got from Sri Lanka. Mine is a blue one, blue being my favourite colour. πŸ™‚

    Have yourself a good Wednesday. Love and cheer!


    1. That zentangled card is Esha’s creative work. It is beautiful. I had one from Shilpa as well but for some reason, I couldn’t trace it at home. I was sure I had got hers as well with me. A blue coloured elephant, is it? Must be interesting.

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  2. These are beautiful knick-knacks. Loved the Zentangle. The bookmarks are something we can never have enough of, right?


  3. Such cute stuff. Love them all. I am a big fan of badges and magnets. I used to have a lot of badges on my bag and now the fridge is filled with magnets πŸ™‚
    Loved this colorful happy #WW post.


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