Close-up with a tree #ThursdayTreeLove






Here are different shots of the same tree from varying distances beginning from afar and gradually getting closer to it. What appeared to be an uninteresting tree from a distance had quite a many peculiarities when looked at closely. This was unlike all the trees in its neighbourhood which was a Japanese Garden.

I will visit this tree again in the summer to see it green and blooming.

Linking this post with Thursday Tree Love hosted by Parul Kashyap Thakur


    1. I will come back to post the tree’s photo again in spring or summer. This was a Japanese garden which was at its beautiful best 6 years ago when I visited then. Now it is in peril. I hope the council turns it around this summer.


  1. Your pictures are so cool, Anu! But, they brought to mind the kind of trees we see in horror movies–with a haunted bungalow nearby..and a crow, perhaps, or a cat, cawing/mewing somewhere when the actors arrive at the place.


  2. Very unusual shape for a tree, Anamika! Thanks for sharing these closeup shots! As a tree-lover, I never ever tire of watching trees wherever I go. It would be interesting to see this tree in the different seasons, as you mentioned. The second picture is inspiring me to write a story, you know. Maybe, I will and if I do, I’ll tag you too! πŸ™‚


      1. Oh, good! I would love to, haven’t got around to writing that story yet! Too many chores to finish over the weekend with both the guys at home. Kitchen and cleaning up took over my day, mostly. These days Arjyo has his final exams, so I have to go pick him up from school as it is half days. Very little time to write anything.

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  3. Very nice pictures! who ever said only flowers or leaves are beautiful? Your pictures show the true beauty of a tree. Thanks for sharing them. Waiting for the pictures of the same trees when in full bloom. πŸ™‚


  4. Okay, so I realize that I missed TTL last week. Lovely captures, Anamika. Trees carry a peculiar beauty and they seem to radiate it differently from different angles. I hope the tree was okay with the paparazzi bugging her so much! πŸ™‚


    1. Hahah…I have taken up the job of paparazzi and I intend to do it very well. My job is easy as well since my objects cannot run away and escape from my lens πŸ˜€ Do you want me to remind you for every TTL post? I can do it efficiently as well πŸ˜€ Just say.

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      1. That would be lovely. I turned off notifications for twitter and Instagram. Since then unless I stop by and check the platforms I forget. I used to get the reminder from Parul. I am feeling that turning off notifications wasn’t exactly a smart move. 😬

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  5. I have seen that when ever I look at things for a long time, even personal situations – I get to see views that were not visible at the beginning. It is true to life I guess and your pictures show it clearly. It is indeed a unique tree. Glad you shared and chose to join, Anamika. Will I see you tomorrow?


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