A note from my anxiety #MondayMusings

Today I have to come up with a letter to my anxiety, something I decided last week after reading Shilpa Gupte’s letter to her own anxiety. With good intentions, I am sitting with the laptop screen open in front of me. The images of past anxious times are flashing in my mind but those are just that, flashes. No words pass on my mind’s highway. Let me close my mind eyes and concentrate.


2 minutes passed. No success. My anxiety tells me I have bid her a vacation with my sense of humour. Whether it is the good humour or the bad one, she does not clarify. Well, how could she? After all clarity of mind does not work well for her existence and longevity. Let me just assume what she took along with her was the not-so-good-one. I believe, which, is a good thing for me.

For the time being.

Until she gets back.

Until the sun is shining on my windowsill.

Gosh, I wasn’t supposed to say that when I know the overcast forecast for the day.

Oh! There is a P.S. note too. From her. She sent it through the fading evaporating whisper system of my mind, a biology-physiology-nervousology-technology she uses to communicate with me.


Wait, what is this now? PlayingTricksWithMeYetAgainLogy?

This is rubbish. All rubbish. I am not going to decode this. 

I might head over and make a cup of tea for myself and sit by the sunny windowsill as long as the sun is shining.

Such a respite she is not here with me on this lovely Monday.

Linking this post with Monday Musings hosted by Corinne Rodrigues.

#Monday Musings


  1. I am glad that she left. I would be happier if she quit forever. May your sense of humour get a permanent job and Ms anxiety get laid off. Beautiful post..loved every bit of it.


  2. Love the upbeat mood you are in, Anamika! So glad that you are not even trying to decide that message!! Not worth it, you know! Enjoy the moment as it comes. Don’t think of tomorrow or the day after. This moment right now is the one that you have and so, make the most of it. I hope this phase continues for a long time. Hugs ❤️


  3. I’m so happy to know that your right now moment is at it’s best, Anamika. May you have a galore of such anxiety free moments. Of course, keep your good sense of humor close by. It has such a good effect. ❤️


    1. I think I had lost my sense of humour, the sometimes good and sometimes dark, and precisely that was the reason I had become deeply bonded with Ms. Anxiety. Writing humorous posts also proves to be in the best interests of my blog in terms of the shares and comments I get.


  4. Yay to the anxiety not showing up. Way to go Anamika. Get that chai and enjoy the sun as and when it shows up.


  5. Isn’t it such a relief when SHE is not around. spoiling our moods and our peace of mind? SO happy for you, Anu, that you drove her away, and I am sure you did it with your sense of humour. 🙂
    Do not let her in, ever again!


  6. Love the twist and humorous way you have penned this letter to the dreaded anxiety. Let’s be positive and see it wane away. There are good and bad days, I know about it, right. An interesting way to tackle anxiety.


  7. Anamika, salute your witty bone. And big hugs. You tackled Ms./Mr. Anxiety well.

    Always leave you blog with a lingering smile.


    1. She is Ms. Anxiety and not Mr. Anxiety, Natasha. Living with 3 males under the same roof could be too much to handle. Mr. Vats and Master Vats are enough in skewing the male-female ratio (2:1) in my household. Still, I do not wish to have Ms. Anxiety on my side to balance out the ratio making it 2:2.


  8. Have your hot cuppa of chai with the Sun rays joining and Ms. Anxiety will evaporate away . Hope she doesn’t even enter as a guest.


  9. So good to see you showing your anxiety its place, Anamika! This was a pleasure to read, especially given how you’ve been struggling for the last year or so. I hope she steers clear of you and your mind forever and soon becomes a distant memory. Chai and sun sound absolutely delightful 🙂


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