Lighting up the day #WordlessWednesday 30

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Nights are supposed to be dark

Yet days can be more darker

All it takes is a lone lamp

Light up the day.

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    1. Blues bhi achhe hote hain – Sunshine blues!
      Your mentioning greenery made me look at the photos more closely to realize the city council’s devout to greenery. Even the benches and the lamps are painted green. Nature is additionally working to add green. The tree barks are also green 🙂
      Aur kitna green chahiye kisi ko? 😛

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  1. Beautiful capture, Anamika and a lovely poem too!. Is it from the walk in the park near the place where you live? For some reason, the first picture is almost like a backdrop from a Jane Austen novel, and I can almost see Elizabeth Bennett walking by! 🙂
    P.S. With the scorching Sun and soaring temperatures, the very thought of this place seems so soothing!!!


    1. It is the same park – the riverside park at the south end of the city. Haha…Elizabeth Bennet. I can almost imagine being Elizabeth Bennet that day walking past this lamp post with the only difference this Lizzy had a camera in her hand and the prospect of Mr. Darcy is long over 😀
      To ease out the heat of scorching Sun and soaring temperatures, I can send you more than enough photographs of dark, gloomy, cold days. Just let me know if the idea suits 🙂

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  2. These pictures speak a language of their own. Your words reinforce that language beautifully. Lovely!


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