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January was an extremely good month after a long time. It made look 2019 a promising year for me. I had not a day of anxiety and even when it did try to grow upon me, I was much calmer and aware to nip in the bud. It was also a month when I blogged 3 – 4 times a week, a record for me. I did all the housework diligently and volunteered in Dhruv’s school twice a week. All in all, it was a productive and peaceful month.

Then came February.

February had a huge challenge to fill in January’s shoes and walk an extra mile however it fell flat. After a good first week, the negativity and hopelessness seeped in the second week and thrived until the end of the last week of the month. Anxieties, meltdowns and depressionary tendencies grounded me forcing me to take a break from active blogging and school.

Despite February being a troubled month, I kept trying to make it work. I am grateful today to retrospect all was not lost upon me.

(A) Whenever my mental health takes a dip, I take to colouring as a therapy. I managed to create hugely satisfying pieces of art.

Plus point – The pencil colours work every time in calming me.



(B) Dhruv had a half-term break in school in the 3 rd week. I couldn’t manage to do much with him. I let him play X-box every day for as long as he desired, a thing I would have never allowed if I was feeling alright.

Plus point – He felt he had the best holidays.

(C) During the half-term, one day, both of us went for a long walk to the riverside park at the other end of our small city. Both of us love this place where we get to walk up and down the hill and sit on the river bank.

Plus point – I clicked a lot of interesting pictures in the park. Dhruv, although, gets irritated with my photo clicking sojourns and terms it ‘faaltu ki photobaazi’.



(D) A break from active blogging found me working on my old posts, updating affiliate links, fixing broken images and adding featured images.

Plus point – This proved therapeutic as well.

(E) February was our first month of Netflix UK subscription. I watched the series Tidying up with Marie Kondo finally. More than the tidying up, what intrigued me were the people, their houses and their relationships. I also watched a few movies which, though were nice, left me teary. Not at all helpful with my situation.

The movies were – Wonder (watched it the second time), The Bookshop (a young widow’s struggle to open a bookshop and keep it running in the face of hardships), Eddie (an octogenarian’s resolve to give purpose to her wasted life by climbing the highest mountain in Scotland) and The Ottoman Lieutenant (this one has breathtaking cinematography but the story wasn’t much interesting).

Plus point – I was elated to discover the immensely good-looking male lead in The Ottoman Lieutenant is the same actor who played the character of Dawsey Adams in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, a book I loved and have read twice and the movie I may have watched several times in bits and pieces. 

(F) Another Netflix programme – The Secret deserves a separate mention. I read this book a few years ago. Like last time with the book, this time the programme evoked the wonder of positive affirmation.  I am exercising positive affirmation to deal with the thoughts of hopelessness. There is a common belief self-help books are of no help. It is true but only when we do not put the points mentioned in them into practice.

Plus point – The positive affirmation is working. So far so good. March has taken off well and I am grateful for it. 

This was my February. How was yours? Do you have your gratitude list for February? 

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  1. Loved reading your gratitude list, Anamika! There’s a lot to be said about the efforts you are taking to remain focused and positive even in the face of the odds that are there and that is truly commendable! Looking at the plus side of things really helps us take our attention off the depressing, which you’re getting very good at. You must acknowledge your own efforts every once in a while!! There will be moments/days that are challenging but if you continue to focus on the positive sides, things will definitely improve. I’m glad that 2019 started on a high. I wish and pray that things remain that way despite whatever comes. Please continue with the colouring and blogging. I’ve surprised myself by opting to take up the FoW after I wrote a poem last weekend. Let’s see where my courage takes me next. 😀


    1. Thank you, Esha, for the reminder to acknowledge my efforts I keep making at staying positive. It is strange that today when I am feeling positive, I feel there are no problems and issues in my life compared to the anxious and depressing days.
      For the FOW, the week is already coming to an end and you are doing very well with your daily blogging and reading. Just 2 more days to go 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve yet to post today but hopefully will come up with something by evening!! Thanks for the encouragement that I’ve almost done the week. I need it badly today because inspiration is lacking!!! No idea how I will juggle writing on a busy weekend either! 😅

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s good to take a break once in a while and do something else. Your artwork is lovely and I also enjoyed the photos. We are having a worse-than-usual winter here in southern Ontario, Canada and it’s easy to lose motivation when the skies are bleak and the temperatures bone-chilling cold! I can relate. Here’s hoping for some literal and figurative sunshine!


  3. You are really doing your best in the given circumstances. I love that you’ve found a calming activity. Your artwork does look nice. You’re right about the Marie Kondo series. It is so much more than tidying. I have been watching a few series online as well. Did not read much in February.


    1. The artwork has been my saviour of sorts in the past few months. Gradually, I am getting better at recognising the colour combinations. While watching Marie Kondo, I could focus on the aspects other than tidying because I had already learned the tidying part from your posts and a few YouTube videos. I had infact done some tidying up of the drawers after getting motivated from your posts.


  4. You did well, Anamika. So what February failed compared to January, you turned it around, didn’t you? I love your coloring book and the coloring you are doing. I know it is therapeutic. I am not getting time to get mine out as these days I am mostly studying for a certification exam. I see Dhruv got to enjoy his holidays exactly the way he wanted. At least he enjoyed. That’s good.
    What a gorgeous place, Anamika. I love England for its beautiful scenery and greenery.
    I am watching Marie Kondo, too. Not every day or so. Just when I need some motivation to tidy up. 🙂 I have watched only Wonder among the list of movies you mentioned. I will look up The Secret. 🙂
    May you have happy and peaceful March ahead. 🙂 ❤


    1. Studying for a certification exam is a good development to hear. WIsh you all the best for the exam. The half term break was definitely good for Dhruv because his disciplinary mother was not looking for disagreements and debating and so left him on his own with his most favourite thing in the world. England is a beautiful place and you could very well be knowing that. Dark, gloomy but yes green and beautiful 😀 A happy March to you too.


  5. I like your Feb. it has hope and positivity in it. The art work like I have told you is amAzing. I can’t even dream if such work. It’s so beautiful and well done. I’m sure the intricate patterns calm you down. My Feb was crazy and I hope the coming months are better.
    Your pictures are fabulous too. Koi faltoo photography nahi hai. Let D have his own opinion 😉
    Wishing you a joyful March, Anamika!


  6. Thank you, Parul, for the out of the world appreciation of my colouring work each and every time. This is exactly what I look forward to when I share the pictures on FB – chappar faad taareefein 😀 😀 😛 I will tell Dhruv that only he feels my photography is faaltu and It is not the general opinion. Let’s see what googly he throws at this.
    A happy March and all the following months to you. I will soon visit your gratitude post.


  7. It felt so so good reading this post, Anu! I could actually feel you brimming with happiness and peace! Yes, positive affirmations help, provided we make them a habit and also provided we don’t expect anything. That’s what I positive, but be prepared for any eventuality. With the Universe, you can’t be sure what It will send your way when you wish for something! ;P


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