Celebrating my 5th Blog Anniversary with gratitude #MondayMusings

This post was ideally due last Monday. Since I had a major meltdown that day, I couldn’t write anything to celebrate my blog’s 5th anniversary which is a big milestone and deserves a dedicated post.

Feb 8th was the big date. It was on 8th Feb 2014 when I published my first post. I am not at all into gifting due to my laid back nature and it requires a strong connection and even greater compelling to gift someone something. I can count on my fingertips the number of times I have given gifts and I will have several fingertips to spare.

Speaking of strong connection, I felt compelled to gift a new theme to my blog on its big day. My brother chipped in with providing his invaluable help with code modifications required for customization and making the blog look decently appealing. The new look has been around for a week already and owing to the fact nobody recognized or pointed it out makes me believe my readers are not interested in good looks but are invested in the goodness of my posts. A positive thought is all that it takes to feel good, isn’t it?

I am grateful for my blogging journey in many ways, a few of which are –


(A) Blogging gives me the reason to feel upbeat about waking up each weekday morning, especially Mondays, when I can sit with a cup of tea writing and reading blogs. Blogging helps me stay sane and keep my anxiety at bay.

(B) The need and desire to spend time daily on blogging makes me stay regular with packing off Dhruv to school which is important here because there are no textbooks or homework for the parents to refer to. All the learning takes place in school. Remember, I said something about laid back nature somewhere above.

(C) It has given me earning opportunities from time to time (in addition to adequate exposure which bloggers are promised as ROI). My blog is also my introduction which precedes me. It has given me recognition and respect even in the unlikeliest of places such as Dhruv’s present school where I am just another parent and I behave like one.

(D) Being a serious person in the real world, blogging gives me a chance to get in touch with my funny bone and I feel happy about it.

(E) I get fabulous children’s books to read and review almost every week. (Picture) Books + Blogging are my 2 B’s of happiness and contentment. The other aspect where I am creating value for first-time children’s books’ authors by talking about their books and giving their works visibility within my limited capacity raises my satisfaction level. I wish I could do more.

(F) Above everything else, I am most grateful for my blogging community which is extremely supportive and encouraging.  Most of them are awesome friends sharing common values and life’s struggles & achievements. I might not have met many of them but this never stops me from feeling a close bond with them. The way I feel about my friendships which have come as a function of blogging, I am incapable of expressing it in words.


There is, however, one area in which I have slacked. The one I intend to make reparation in is replying to the comments. I shall be dedicating one day of the week for this from now on.

Thank you, my readers, old and new, for being with me and supporting me with your visits, reads, comments, and shares. You make blogging worthwhile for me.

*All images are taken from Canva*

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  1. Many congratulations on the blog anniversary, Anamika. I’m so pleased to see your blog and you grow so wonderfully within the community. Here’s wishing you another 5,10, 15 years of continuing blogging to keep you happy and content.

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  2. Congratulations, dear! 5 years is a celebration worthy milestone. I’m glad you decided to write the post honoring this milestone. Keep blogging! Here’s to many more years of blogging journey. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on blogversary. I hope you are feeling better now. It’s funny,
    but I have had longer relationship with my blog than many people that I had met in real life. It does feel wonderful to be a part of this beautiful community. I am glad I came across your blog and got to know your funny side, along with tales of sweet little Dhruv 😊


    1. It indeed feels wonderful to be a part of the like-minded blogger community. Thank you Rajlakshmi for appreciating the sometimes funniness and sometimes silliness of my posts. I am glad both, Dhruv and I, make you smile 🙂


  4. I remember coming across your blog very randomly & what heavily impressed me was your incredible humor, Anamika.

    And since then, I’ve read almost all of them, although I haven’t been able to leave my impressions through comments most of the time. And I sincerely apologize for that. That’s why I’ve kept a tab on your posts. Congratulations on the 5th blogversary, buddy. Yeah, despite being new to this loving community I feel deeply connected with so many of you & your anecdotes.

    Cheers to the celebration & wish you many more fulfilling decades of blogging, dear.


    1. Ashvini, your thoughtful comment made me joyous. Thank you so so much. You are doing an incredible job with your blog. It is understandable your not being able to comment on my posts. I have to tell you it is fine 🙂 This comment of yours sort of makes up for all the missed ones. Thank you Ashvini.


  5. Wish you a very happy blogversary, Anu! Wish you many many more!
    I totally agree with you on the points you have shared above, esp A, B, D and F. My blog is my haven, the reason I wake up early, finish off my chores and reach for my laptop. I could very well call my blog my raison d’etre! That’s one of the two French words I know! But, really, blogging and art give me the stability I so need in this wobbly boat called ‘Life’!


    1. Raison d’etre! Well to give you credit, you DO know 2 French words. I have to google this one to find the meaning. The French I know (but still do not know) is limited to whatever I could grasp out of Befikre. French is music to the ears. Identifying with 4 out of 6 points, see this is why we bond 😀 I can’t thank you enough Shilpa for the support you have been throughout the last year in this wobbly boat of life.

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  6. Happy 5th! What an amazing journey and I wish you many more multiples of 5. 🙂
    I haven’t read you in a long time so I am sorry that I missed the theme change but now thinking of it, yes – it looks good. I will take a round and come back with more thoughts. Pucca!
    Chalo, Monday aane wala hai.. Likh lo kuch 🙂


    1. Thank you, Parul. You were the second friend I made from the blogosphere after Vinitha. It was with you 2 that my blogging community began building up. Also, I am grateful to you for analyzing my new theme in detail. This week, I am not writing anything new but only working on the old posts which need fixing. I will do the Thursday Tree Love post next Thursday. Ab 2 week main ek baar hota hai, to thoda fayda utha lun 😀

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  7. I’ve been tardy in visiting blogs but I had to come to this one to wish you a very happy blogversary. The blog is such an important part of our lives, isn’t it? I am glad it is bringing you happiness because reading you certainly brightens up my day. Keep writing Anamika, sometimes that’s all it takes to keep one sane.


    1. I missed you after your gratitude post. I went back to your blog twice to see if I had missed reading a new post. Thank you, Tulika, for taking time out of your tardiness 😀 to visit this post and for wishing me. I have been rather tardy myself too since the mid of last week or may be I had my head eaten up with Dhruv’s week-long mid term break and husband joining him at home for most days. I want to raise a petition for companies to stop giving work from home option to their male employees.
      With you I just can’t stick to the point, idhar udhar ki baatein ho hi jaati hain 🙂


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