Toto by Ximo Abadia #PictureBookReview 26

Could a donkey ever become an astronaut?

Toto has bigger plans for his future than to carry bags up and down the mountainside. He longs to become an astronaut and visit the moon…

But, a donkey could never do that, could he?

My review –

I picked up this book on my visit to the city library. This book caught my attention for –

  1. its name which is unique and spells out nothing of what’s there inside the pages of the book, and
  2. the bright yellow coloured hardcover with a stark blue spine and the book title engraved on it in the same blue colour.

I looked into the book and the more enchanted I got with the illustrating style.

Getting to know the story is about a donkey named Toto who doesn’t want to do the usual donkey stuff and wants to be an astronaut sounded amusing. Now, how many stories have a donkey as a protagonist? I felt the choice of character for telling this story of following one’s dreams could not have been more appropriate. Who else would depict as a perfect metaphor for staying stuck in a rut, being destined for it even though he/she is someone who dreams of making it big? Such is the story of Toto which might have been any of ours too.

Toto is a bold and inspiring story about following your dreams.

Toto’s quest for becoming an astronaut is not without impediments although he has supportive parents who let him free to go and explore. He has to face his fair share of hardships. He is being told by random people “Donkeys do not become astronauts.” He breaks down, finds comfort in the company of a kind family and becomes what he wants to.

The illustrations are simple, clutter-free and eye-catching. They are laid against the background comprising of striking primary colours. The paper quality is quite thick unlike usual books thus adding to the overall reading experience.

I feel the book is meant for me, more than Dhruv. It is the uncomplicated version of ‘The Alchemist’.

A special mention for the story’s ending. On paper, the ending is sure to make the reader laugh, given our conditioning, but on a deeper thought level it means if you are moving up becoming a role model of sorts, make sure you also aid others in their pursuit of dreams because you may never know how many donkeys are there with the same dream of becoming astronauts and visiting the moon.

My verdict –

Read this bold and inspiring storybook if you can get hold of it. Follow the author/illustrator Ximo Abadia for his other inspiring works. Discuss the book with your children, no matter how old they are.

Author/Illustrator – Ximo Abadia

Release Year – 2018

Publisher – Templar Books

Age group – 3 – 100 years

Available to buy from Amazon – click on the image below:

Amazon UK –             Amazon India –

Disclaimer – This post contains Amazon affiliate links meaning if you make a purchase by clicking on any of these 2 links, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you, Thank you for your support.


  1. What a lovely story. It reminds me of the Dr. Seuss one about “You can Be whatever you want to be”. Unfortunately Anamika, I find that while these stories are essential to motivate people, they are also pure fantasy and very often people only dream…..


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