A green treat #ThursdayTreeLove

In May 2018, we headed out for visiting Roald Dahl museum. Unfortunately, we got a call from the museum while we had reached midway that it had to be closed down due to flash floods from the last night. We were disappointed. We had no other alternative but to go straight to our hotel in a place interestingly called Tring. I took this photo in the rear garden of the hotel. I actually clicked the best photos in this garden.

Why am I sharing this?

I think I am done with winter already. I need a green treat. The greenery of trees.

Linking this post with #Thursday Tree Love hosted by Parul Kashyap Thakur



  1. Surprisingly its been so long since I’ve been around a garden with this kind of greenery all over… Need to change my own patterns.


  2. I love green spots. They give me so much comfort! And greenery is shrinking in Bangalore, sadly. I wish I could see lush lawns with green trees more often. Currently, it is spring and those pretty pink and purple flowers have starting coming on trees. My favourite in Bangalore spring.

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  3. Is there a story behind that name – ‘Tring’? I like the greenery you captured, Anamika. It’s oddly cold and dull here since last Friday. So not the Phoenix I knew. I won’t be capturing luscious greeneries this month I guess. 🙂


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