Pin Parvati Pass trek #WordlessWednesday 27

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In 2018, my sister-in-law and brother went on a 110+ kilometers cross-over trek from lush green Parvati valley to cold arid Spiti valley in the Himalayas. With 17, 500 Feet to be gained above mean sea level, roaring Parvati and Pin rivers to be crossed innumerable times, some precarious vertical rocky wall sections to be negotiated, and acutely narrow trails to be traversed in 9 days, PIN PARVATI PASS was a perfect dose of challenge.

A detailed account of the trek and many fabulous photos are available here –  Pin Parvati Pass: Our rendezvous with verdant valleys and the hazel-colored Himalayas.

Photo credit – Ashish Agnihotri

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  1. An adventure-loving couple, I see!
    Superb pics!
    And, am glad to see your picture in the blog header. Why not make it a tad bigger? Thoda clearer ho jayega. 🙂


  2. Such fabulous pictures!! A trek in the Himalayas is an experience of the lifetime. I am sure your sister-in-law and brother would have some amazing memories and awe-inspiring stories.


  3. Wow! The photos are amazing. I’m sure the trek was too. I recall you mentioning about it during one of our meetings! Thrilled to see you joining us for this week’s #WW. Will check out the link as well. 🙂


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