Family Dynamics – Who loves whom? #MondayMusings


Him: Mummy, do you love me more or Papa?

Me: (I thought deeply. I have clarity about this one.)

Me: It is you. Only you. Anytime, anywhere you ask, my answer remains the same. 

At another time, he goes to his Papa with the same question.

Him: Papa, do you love me more or Mummy?

Papa: (He thought deeply. Then he kept thinking, on and on and on and on)

Papa: A long silence. No answer.

Being in the same room and sensing the uneasiness, I diverted Dhruv’s mind by changing the topic.

Some questions are genuinely innocent.

Some answers are inherently tricky.

And then there are some questions which come with answers.

Him: Mummy, I know what is meant by sex. It means love.

Me: Okay.

P.S. I might be questioned about my motive behind writing this post.

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#Monday Musings


  1. Kids! Looks like D asked a soul searching question to his dad. 😀 Here both Kanna and his dad has only one answer for who they love the most. Any guesses? They both won’t say each other’s name as a rule. 😀


  2. Of course dad I would say and you guys (asking with Coco) come a close second. 😊 As time passes we get so focussed on our kids that our love for each other may seem to wane. There are times when we barely tolerate reach other. But it is important to invest in loving our spouses especially as the relationships get old.


  3. His interpretation of sex is so beautiful Atta boy Dhruv!

    I love this dialogue and there is so much of tenderness in every moment.

    More power to the family. ❤


  4. Ha ha.. this is a question that is asked with great regularity at our home and I try to give creative answers each time. We have reached the stage when no one believes anyone at all. As for that last one – that’s true gyan.


  5. I know how tricky the questions keep getting! There are questions with tricky answers and questions with no answers at all. Every family has some questions like that, I think! Dhruv is reaching the age when these questions will make a big difference in the way he sees the world. I faced them too! Still do. That last one was true wisdom speaking, btw! 😀


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