Walking Solo #WordlessWednesday 26

A photo from our visit to Windermere lake on 1st Jan 2019. Our first time in winter.

There is nothing special in this photo. These two always walk ahead together leaving me trailing behind. I have been keeping a record of such sort of photos.

Linking this post with Wordless Wednesday hosted by Esha M Dutta and Natasha Sinha.


  1. Oh yes, men will be men! They do this, don’t they? My dad always used to do this and I noticed this very early on in life. So, if we ever went out as a family, I’d keep company with my mom to never let her feel left out or trailing behind. But, what also happened is over the years, I learnt to match stride with my dad so much so that I used to have people running along to keep pace with me. Of course, now when I go for a walk with someone who walks at a slower pace, I always go slow because I know how it feels to be left behind. Interestingly, when I walk in the park and outpace the men, many of them (not all, mind you!) seem to give me that look of discontent that says they don’t like being overtaken by a woman.


  2. Anamika,

    I love taking this sort of a picture- a walking one and have plenty in my gallery too. Of memories I have captured and frozen in time. These are indeed special and make life worthwhile. Where you be this #WW?

    Love and cheer


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