Mapping the world #WordlessWednesday 24

This is a posed pic.

A depiction of how much he loves the world maps. This one is his latest possession.

He is under the impression his geography is good as a result of studying this map day in and day out.

Ask him what is geography and his answer is whatever is on this map is geography.

Linking this post with Wordless Wednesday hosted by Esha M Dutta and Natasha Sinha.


  1. So sweet! I love that innocence I’m children. Hard to find these days. I feel kids these days get too much exposure too soon. Spoiling everything beautiful about childhood.


  2. Dhruv is such a doll!
    Love that pose- the world under his aegis!

    Kids have a way of leaving us enchanted if we choose to watch them carefully now and then, away from the distraction of life and social media. Thank you for sharing these little nuggets from the little mans life. They always leave me smiling and thinking some.

    So happy to see you link up with us on #WW, Anamika


  3. I am always fascinated by my kid’s fascinations. It’s deep and evolves and drives me crazy, too. Kanna also loved exploring maps and learning new places and figuring out how far one is from another. Now his interest is in Greek Mythology. We’ve read so many books on it already, and many more are waiting to be read. πŸ™‚
    Love this capture depicting D’s love for maps. ❀


  4. My nephew loves world maps too and knows a LOT about them. It’s so wonderful that D has interest in maps and geography. May he map the world literally and figuratively β™₯


  5. I know…can see how much Dhruv loves his maps! Ditto with Arjyo. Even today, he can spend hours talking about places, capitals, cities and maps. Very soon, Dhruv will also provide you with statistics about these places. Be prepared, Anamika. You will get to learn new things. Only yesterday I was asked to name 5 cities in Croatia and I (as expected!) drew a blank. It’s all coming for you, I tell you. πŸ˜€


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