International Blog Delurking Week 2019

Each year, the first week of January is celebrated as International Blog Delurking Week.


Now, what does this mean?

it is an ancient tradition. Well, supposedly, as ancient as the invention of the world wide web and blogging. The first full week in January is about encouraging your real readers to raise their hands up to show they were around on the blog.

It runs this year from the 7th until the 13th. Therefore, you have a full week ahead to drop down your reading cloaks which have been lending you the magical power to remain invisible and check in with an “I’m here” comment.

Who is asking here?

For the new visitors, let me tell something about my blog and me in brief.

My blog and I stand for authenticity and love for books, primarily children’s books.

I blog about my slice of life as a parent and as well as an individual on Mondays.

I post photos on the blog for Wordless Wednesday.

I post children’s book reviews for the age group 0 – 12 years on Thursdays.

What am I asking?

It is simple. It doesn’t matter if you are a first time visitor or a regular reader, I request you not to go away without leaving “a Hi or a Hello or I am here” in the comment section below this post and give me a chance to say “Thank you for being here”. And, in case you want to share more about yourself with me, please feel absolutely free and treat this space as yours.

I understand it can be a bit tedious entering your name, email id, blog’s name etc and yet I would request you to put in your efforts just for once. Your details will be only used for knowing you and will not be used for any promotional means.

You will give me a chance to smile today. Would you not?

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  1. Hey! Hope you are doing well.
    It’s amazing to read about the International Blog Delurking Week, though I was not aware of before.
    I am Purva, and I am back to blogging almost after 2 years.
    Yesterday I wrote my 100th post, will love to have your review on it too!


  2. Hiya! Raising my hand from Pune, India, but you know that already. I’ll just add that I love coming here because your accounts are always authentic and straight from the heart. That’s my favourite kind of writer.


  3. You know me Anamika as well as I know you – via the net and our Write Tribe connection. I almost always leave a comment on your blog because I am NOT a lurker….. Glad to see your post up early in the year. Hope to see more of you in 2019!


  4. You know me well. I love your posts. They are authentic and some of your posts are very funny. I like stories from your life.

    Ek naraazgi bhi hai – I thought ki you also post on Thursday Tree Love sometimes. yaha toh sirf WW ka naam aaya 😦 Dil toot gaya.

    Jokes apart – as long as you are writing, you will find me delurking.


  5. Hi Anamika! Raising my hand to let you know I’m here, once again, as I always do, every time I stop by your blog to leave a thought or a looooong comment. You know me well enough for the past 4 years…Yours is one of the few blogs I always stop by, because I like to read what’s in there, viz., a slice of your life as a mom or the ever-popular posts on Dhruvisms and of course, your Monday Musings! Thinking of joining in for Blog Delurking Week too, although this will be my first time. See you around and thanks for joining us with your wordless pictures. Have a wonderful 2019! 🙂


  6. I was here from foggy/smoggy Gurugram, New Delhi Capital Region and love how your posts are always straight from the heart.

    Guess I should join this year’s Blog Delurking Week too.☺️


  7. ab apne bare mein kya likhoon ?? tum to janti hi ho ki main kitni amazing hoon..apni tarif dene baithoon to shaam ho jayegi.. 🙂
    I hate lurking and always try to write a meaningful comment..kabhi kabhi thoda zyada hi likh deti hoon..and I guess I am one of your regular visitors who hardly misses any post of yours..


  8. Hi Anamika. We’ve met online 🙂

    I love reading your book reviews and slices of parenting, in case I haven’t said it before. Your authenticity does shine through and I hope you keep blogging for a long time to come. Happy Blog Delurking week, 2019, to you and may the year be filled with all kinds of reading that you hope and pray for.


  9. Never have I delurked here; maybe a couple of times when I was not blogging, but otherwise, I have always loved reading and commenting on your posts, Anamika. You remain one of my favorite bloggers ever. Keep writing. ❤


  10. Hi Anamika. I love being here. I like reading your musings, thoughts and experiences on every day life and parenting. Your book reviews on your other blog are something that I refer to when I have to give book gifts to kids. Looking forward to read more from you. Cheers!


  11. Here I am Anamika. I have been following your blog from my early days of blogging and theres always something for to me to say. So here I am again… and continue to follow your posts:)


  12. Hello there, dear Anamika. You already know me. I love reading your honest accounts about parenting and yourself. Your post on depression really moved me. I also like reading your blog reviews. Wish we had met when you were in Bangalore. Keep writing, Anamika!


  13. Hello Hello Anu from a freezing cold Gurgaon or rather Gurugram (yup name change has infected this region too)

    I love coming to your blog as I love your wit and humour. I think my favourite one is of the maid flying the airfoce plane 😉

    All the best for blogging in 2019 – hope to be a regular here!


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