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I am not an Artist!! #WordlessWednesday 23



Art, in any form, has never been my thing.

I have been pursuing colouring as a calming therapy for the last 3 months.

Linking this post with #WordlessWednesday hosted by Esha M Dutta and Natasha Sinha

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14 thoughts on “I am not an Artist!! #WordlessWednesday 23

  1. These really look so pretty! REALLY, THEY DO!!!
    And, I am glad you took it up, Anu! ❤


  2. Amazing Anamika. You really have unearthed a new talent….and it must have helped you de-stress too….


  3. Shubhra Rastogi on said:

    These are really pretty and you must keep up the good work!


  4. AMAZING…who says you are not an artist?


  5. You ARE an artist! (Who defines an artist, tell me? And who gives their approval and attests that one is an artist?) Anybody who can create any form of art is an artist and going by that definition you must acknowledge that you are one too! So beautiful that you decided to share these with us today for #ww. You need to keep at it, Anamika to stay calm and balanced when things around you are not in your control.


  6. I used to feel the same way, but I’ve learned we’re all artists in one way or another. For some the tool is a paintbrush. For others it’s a camera. For still others the tool is a stove or oven. All of us create something. Love your coloring!

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  7. If you are not an artist, I don’t know who is. I discovered Shilpa, Esha, Rajlakshmi and now you who are so creative in so many different ways. I’m inspired by you. And the blog looks fab.


  8. Wow another one with such artistic streak in her- love these Anu!


  9. You are not an artist? Who did this?
    It looks amazing. The colors go so well and it has a soothing effect. Trust me, You are an artist. ❤


  10. shanayatales on said:

    I love these designs, and how you have used the colors, so forgive me if I don’t agree with the title of this post! 🙂


  11. the color combination is so pretty… and yet you say you are not an artist!! Not done 🙂


  12. As I said before, imagine someone else did this art work, would you still think that they are not an artist? Pat on your back, Anamika. You are inspiring me to get back to my coloring book. And guess what? I got the book out. 🙂


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