The Christmas Button Story #PictureBookReview 21


Father Christmas has an important job for Ellie the Elf.

A very special collection of buttons is needed

to make one little girl’s Christmas wish come true.

From the stable of the creators of the much loved The Button Collection, comes a brand new beautiful and cute picture book, perfectly suited for this time of the year – The Christmas Button Story.

Story –

It is Christmas Eve. Paloma is sad because the star is missing from her Christmas tree top. She is worried Father Christmas will not come to her house if there is no star.

Father Christmas is watching over her and he asks Ellie, the Elf to find the star for her tree. Ellie imagines the star with magnificent buttons at each of the corners and thus sets out on her quest. She makes the star after getting the buttons from 5 different characters, one of whom is Father Christmas himself.

On the morning of Christmas, Paloma is delighted to find not only the presents but more than that she is pleased to see the splendid star on her tree.

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My review –

WIth The Christmas Button Story, the author and illustrator have stayed true to their original style of watercolour illustrations and a bite-sized book just like their first venture The Button Collection. The Christmas Button story is a unique and short crisp read. It is a joy to read aloud and to get lost in the illustrations.

The creativity with which buttons are weaved into the story deserves appreciation. If the 6 stories in The Button Collection spoke to me of change, hope, and positivity, The Christmas Button Story speaks to me of kindness in the way how different characters contribute with their precious possessions,  a button each, in order to cheer up the sad little girl and make her Christmas delightful.

There is the clever play of words, oodles of alliterations (which I have come to love a lot), plenty of adjectives used as synonyms for sparkling and shiny thus aiding early childhood literacy and as a vocabulary builder.

As much as I loved this book, I feel the title of the book is committing a slight injustice to the story by using the word ‘Button’ in the singular sense when there are 5 buttons involved in the story. In my view, it should have been ‘The Christmas Buttons Story’.

My verdict –

The Christmas Button Story is a lovely stocking filler available at £3.99. It is perfect for storytellers as well as for reading aloud as a bedtime read on Christmas and over the following holidays.

A sneak peek into the book – The glorious star.

Author/Illustrator – Helen Hamill & Christina Ryan

Release Year – First published in October 2018

Publisher – The Buttonhole Press Ltd.

Age group – 3 – 8 years

Available on – Amazon UK, Amazon India

I received a free copy of this book from the authors/publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Disclaimer – This post contains Amazon affiliate links meaning if you make a purchase through any of these links, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.


  1. Seems like a lovely read not just for Christmas but other times as well. I love kiddie books with illustrations and I wish I had this one for Arjyo when he was younger! Would be great as a gift too, I think! Thank you for sharing this honest review, Anamika.


  2. You book bloggers have a very special way of using words, which makes the whole experience of reading the book review so interesting! Really! I just love reading your reviews more….much more than the book! 😛


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