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3 Different shades of the morning sky #WordlessWednesday 22

I live in the wettest part of England which means grey skies prevail on most days and sunny days, especially sunny mornings are a rarity.

Here are 3 shots of the morning sky just before the sunrise from November and December.

1. The grey sky morning.

2. The morning sky looked like this one morning.


3. And, then one morning it looked as brilliant as this.

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11 thoughts on “3 Different shades of the morning sky #WordlessWednesday 22

  1. Oh Wow Anamika.. Those hues and shades..nature at its best 🙂


  2. I loved the last one….saw a similar sky this morning….What a beautiful way to start the day!


  3. Love the last one! Grey skies depress me…give me sunshine and beautiful fiery sunrises and sunsets any day!


  4. How I love that last picture. The same place looks so bright and cheerful in colour, right? Having said that its the grey skies which add value to the colourful ones so grey skies are important too even though I admit they do make me feel sad and depressed most times. Thank you for sharing the three sky shots from your part of the world, Anamika and so glad to see you join our linky this week. 🙂


  5. The first sky looks like our sky in upstate New York – grey. Except it is clear this morning. I may actually see a sunrise. Grey skies have their own beauty, but it’s hard to appreciate. I’d rather have clear.


  6. Wow! I love those colors. But I also hear you on the dull skies and rainy days. I know it gets hard but then when it does Anamika, think of the bright days and they shall come soon.
    Take care and keep shining!


  7. Living in London has made me appreciate sunny days so much more! I love capturing sunsets, the colours are stunning! But I’ve my peace with greys too, I try and step out of the house deliberately on gloomy days! 🙂


  8. The photos are beautiful. It’s also interesting to get a slice of every day life in the UK. Most of what I see of the UK here in the States is from Britbox detective shows.


  9. The different shades of the same part of the sky! It’s beautiful. I feel it’s like us, humans. Each day comes in a different shade and we look and feel from gloomy to chirpy. Lovely clicks, Anamika.


  10. Loving the purples and mauves in the sky against the brillinace of the yellows!! Nature is the best at designing the most beautiful colour palettes


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