About me and my relaxed life! #MondayMusings

Him – Badon ki life bahut relaxed hoti hai.
Me – Kiski relaxed life dekh li tune?
Him – Papa ko dekho. Kitna sote hain. Sote rehte hain. Subah late uthte hain.
Me – Hmmm. Aur meri life ke baare main kya kehna hai tujhe? Main to jaldi uthti Hun, sabse pehle, khaana vaana banati hun, tujhe school bhi chodne jaati hun thand main baarish main.
Him – Tum phir uske baad saara din baithi rehti ho. Relaxed life hai tumhara bhi.
The image is misleading. Totally. Image Source – Canva
This excerpt is from last week when Dhruv and I were chatting on the way walking to school one morning.

For the non-Hindi speakers, he meant that his parents have relaxed lives whereby his Papa sleeps for long hours and wakes up late and his Mummy has nothing to do apart from sitting idle for the whole day after dropping him at school. The implication was he has to wake up early every day (unlike Papa) and then work hard at school the whole day (unlike Mummy).
When I returned home to tell the tale to husband he too agreed with Dhruv but only with the part concerning me. After all, he also works hard by staying up late at night thus deserving sleeping till late in the morning.
So, yeah everybody works hard.
I spent the whole day in gratitude to Dhruv for making me realize I lead a relaxed life.
I request you all to erase from your memories each and every post which I have written and you kindly read, over the period of last 4 years, about the hardships I face. Those were a false representation now that I consider I can offset all of them with the golden hours I get everyday by sitting idle.
I am also sitting idle right now. I shall be sitting idle for the next 4-5 hours.
In case you are thinking where is the sense you ideally associate with my posts (excuse me if I am being overtly presumptuous), I would not like to seek an excuse by explaining I am reeling under the weather and I am deriving solace by laughing at myself.
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#Monday Musings


  1. I find it ridiculous when people say that homemakers sit around idly doing nothing. Of course, Dhruv is a child, and it will be a few years before he realizes how important the work that his mom and dad do is. Wish life were really that simple!


  2. mere bete ko bhi lagta hain ki main sara din soti rehti hoon. He keeps telling me tumi sirf khati aur soti ho..and my husband and boss both would agree with my son because they also feel I do no work and laze all through the day..


  3. I am sorry, but unless your husband meant it in jest, it was not funny.
    And I would correct Dhruv’s perception too, the younger the better.
    Maybe you should just really “sit” all day.

    A homemaker has no vacation, no paid hours and is expected to work even non regular hours since the home never closes for the day! I think you have a hard life and its never easy in a foreign country!


  4. Well, if you stop doing what you do then maybe the value of your ‘relaxed life’ will be understood. But yes, Dhruv is just a child and when he grows up I’m sure he will see how much more work you do. I have seen my mom work and she still does at home. Homemakers have the most thankless jobs. We can’t sustain our lives without them and we take them for granted.


  5. Aww… I hope Dhruv realizes and appreciates soon how difficult your life is! Life of a homemaker is not an easy job and it is a job in itself. I don’t have a kid, I can’t even manage my home with a pet. So, kudos to you! ❤


  6. I cannot decide whether this deserves the biggest eye roll ever or just an outright laugh. Jokes aside I do hope Dhruv learns to appreciate the amount of hard work you and your husband put in. This is even more pertinent for the job of a homemaker – one of the most under appreciated things ever.


  7. Well … joining your team mate :).., But do we home makers have it alle asy? Agree we do have those hours we sit idle, but I call it the hours of compensation for the time we slog it out in the kitchen, planning meals, running behind children and making home a home. What say??


  8. I loved the conversation you and your son had. The same thing happened to me also. I can feel what you are going through … but don’t worry this too shall pass 🙂


  9. I’m really hoping your husband was joking! This is a good teaching opportunity for Dhruv though because quite obviously, you are not sitting idle. And maybe inviting him to see what you do during the day {especially when he is on holidays} might be a good idea


  10. You should do exactly the same – sit idle all day long and show them what happens then. When my husband and Kanna takes me for granted I stop cooking and cleaning house and tells them that I won’t drive them either. With no food and unclean house and no clothes to wear, they catch up quickly. My husband tells Kanna to say thank you to your mom for the things I am doing. Thankfully both of them understands my value more than I do. Kids at this age tend to think that parents have it easier. I did so, too, when I was a kid. But as I grew up it changed.
    So go ahead and relax now, Anamika.


  11. I think all kids think that it’s so cool being grown up until they’re grown up themselves. No one truly appreciates how much a homemaker does except another homemaker. Hugs, Anamika.


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