Pop-up Pull-out Picture Atlas #PictureBookReview 19


Pop-up Pull-out Picture Atlas is an amazing picture atlas with a spectacular 3D pop-up globe and interactive pull-out maps.

As you open the atlas, there pops out a globe showing the physical features of the Earth. The child can have a lot of fun just rotating the globe round and round. There is, however, a caution involved – the globe is held by a not-so-thick thread which makes it delicate.

There are separate maps of all the 7 continents, both physical and political. There are bite-sized fun facts and little descriptions along with lots of colourful and attractive pictures for each of the continents.

For every continent, there is a page dedicated to a list of countries, their flags, their capitals and currencies, the languages spoken there and the population figures, On the accompanying page, there are lists of  amazing animals, great sites, natural features and what is produced in the form of pictures which makes it easier for the little ones to understand and register such vast information.

What is all the knowledge without some testing? Thus, there is also an interactive quiz where an image is given (based upon the lists on the previous page) and the child has to name the country where the given image is found.

Pop-up model of globe

My review –

This picture atlas is educational for the little children in the age group 4-8 years and in a fun way. It makes the little ones gather more awareness of the vast world they live in. Going through it, reading and learning about the facts about our world can be a good bonding time for both the parents and the children.

My Verdict –

Gift this Picture Atlas to your child. Gift it to other children. Read it yourself. It is worth a buy.

Available on – Amazon India, Amazon UK

Disclaimer – This post contains Amazon affiliate links meaning if you make a purchase through any of these links, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you, Thank you for your support.

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