Writing on the wall #WordlessWednesday 20

The inaugural writing on the blackboard sticker. The first time Dhruv learned to write his name correctly in Hindi. Don’t ask me how did Ibn Battuta get there.

We have a blackboard sticker on one of the walls where I write down the weekly study schedule for Dhruv. The schedule stays there for some time until he gets an idea, asks for permission to rub it off and write his own things – a letter to his friend, Mr. A, seeking apology for not being let (by Mummy) to visit his house for play or the recent one where he gave a presentation to nobody but himself in (supposedly but nowhere close to) thick British accent about the problems of India – bribe, jumping on red light and the fighting government.

Linking up with #WordlessWednesday hosted by Esha M Dutta and Natasha Sinha


  1. I like the idea of the black board and the activities planned for Dhruv and his letter to Mr. A and his trying out various hypothetical situations.It really gets him in touch with his muse. What a lovely mother you are !


  2. Thank you for joining us this Wednesday, Anamika! I quite love the idea of this blackboard. Arjyo has one since maybe, age 4 or so. He absolutely loves to write on it even now, so I know that blackboard will definitely be a wonderful place for D to express himself and all those fantastic imaginary situations. Just wondering if Ibn Batuta was stopping by to say hello to D. 😀


  3. Yes where did Ibn Batuta figure in his name? I can imagine how thrilled you must have felt seeing his handwriting so well formed. And I love the idea of a black board that sticks on the wall


  4. Anamika, I have a similar board for my girls. And I am sure its a lovely way for kids to let themselves out on it, and also a good way for us to understand their minds. My girls doodle on it, they learn their spellings, and recently have been writing their wishes( what they want from mommy) on it. :)) Good that dhruv has started on it, I am sure he is going to enjoy this. Let him just scribble away on it. Maybe make a small portion below the schedule area??


  5. Dhruv you are adorable. And so love reading about you. Anamika, so glad to have you link up for #WW. Welcome to our linky party.


  6. Thick british accent… Hahaha I so want to hear what he has to say. He sure keeps things entertaining at home. And I am so curious about Ibn Batuta in this name 😅 he sure has quite an imagination.


  7. Hey, I have heard ‘Ibn Batuta’ in some Hindi movie song! What does it mean? 😛
    The black board reminds me of the one that hung on a wall in my house where, as a nervous, little girl, I would solve maths equations under dad’s supervision. I hated it!


  8. I am super curious on the Ibn Batuta part. I love the idea of the black board. VT had a white plastic thing that would stick on the wall and you could write on it. I remember how much fun it used to be. 🙂
    What a cute one this was!


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