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Eleanor’s Eyebrows #PictureBookReview 16

Author: Timothy Knapman

Illustrator: David Tazzyman

Age group – 3 – 6 years

The Story –

Eleanor’s eyebrows is a story of a girl, Eleanor, who has no respect for her eyebrows. Her eyebrows, hence angered, decide to leave her face for some place where they would feel valued and loved. The eyebrows then explore living in a Butterfly Zoo with caterpillars (who are silly, scruffy and hairy just like them), becoming a magician’s moustache, hand warmers for lady beetles, false legs for an ant who liked pretending to be a spider and tyres on a stick insect’s motorbike. However, nothing works for long.

Meanwhile, Eleanor’s life carries on as usual without a difference until one day her granny comes to visit. Granny gives one look at her, screams and runs away. This causes Eleanor to suddenly take notice of eyebrows everywhere. She starts missing her own and in one part of the world, her eyebrows were already missing her. In the end, the eyebrows return to take their place on her face while she is asleep. And finally, she understands they are there to make her happy.

My review –

Eleanor’s eyebrows is a highly imaginative and funny book. The idea of eyebrows leaving one’s face is hilarious. The description of separate journeys of Eleanor and her eyebrows is interesting and much fodder for laughter. The illustrations are comical staying true to the narrative.

In all its humour, this book also brings a child to appreciate the different bits of his/her face.

My verdict –

You must definitely read this book with your children to enjoy a good laugh together.

This review was first published on BabyChakra.

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12 thoughts on “Eleanor’s Eyebrows #PictureBookReview 16

  1. What a cute funny story! Appreciate the imagination of the author. Writing for the little ones would let one explore a different level of imagination, right? I would like to try one day. 😀


  2. Hope it will be an interesting read for sure! How are you doing? How is Dhruv?


  3. What an adorable premise for a story! And what a delightful review too. Am sure D loves this story. Sounds like one of the stories I made up for Gy when she was little 🙂


  4. What a sweet one. Did D like it? 🙂


  5. The illustrations seem interesting and the whole concept of Eleanor and her eyebrows are a fun way. Must give this a shot for the kids


  6. What a wonderful imagination…just like my kid. Would love to read that book to my kid and see his reaction


  7. What a fun way of dealing with the subject of accepting oneself especially when these days, so many kids become unhappy with the imperfections in their faces and their bodies. What a concept and how imaginatively it has been applied in this book. Wish I had it in me to write a book like this someday! 🙂


  8. This story has such layers of body shaming to it from my perspective. It would be an amazing read to a child from an adult to help them understand how their body is beautiful and why they should cherish every bit of it!


    • I have given it a deep thought to look at the story from your perspective, Shalini. I may not see it clearly, for now, but I am in agreement with you about making the child understand they are beautiful the way they are with all their body features and quirks. This is most important.

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