Golden childhood: My pet dog story Part 2 #MondayMusings

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The Homecoming


Continuation from Part 1

We moved to our newly built house in the month of October. The next month passed in a whirlwind preparing for the upcoming half-yearly exams in December.

One late December afternoon, the day our exams got over, I was dozing off catching up with all the lost sleep. Under the warmth of the quilt on that cold day having not the least inkling or sense of time and space, I could have passed off as nearly dead.

Didi bhow!!

A sudden heart-splitting scream rung into my face breaking my deep stupor.

Next, I let out an ear-splitting, nerve wrecking screech at the sight of a black monstrous face thrusted into my own. It took me a minute to see clearly the black monster was actually a little puppy held in my brother’s hands with innocent glowing eyes. Was I happy? Yes, I was! If it hadn’t been the puppy, the situation would have called for another one of the numerous battles of our homely Haldighati.

The scream and the screech traveled far and wide, rattling the walls of the house causing Mummy to come running into my room with a forever ready template plan to direct her wrath at both of us. With a fourth character, a canine, in the picture, she had to act fast, alter her template, remove me from it and unfurl her fury on her not-so-raja-beta-of-the-moment. Immediately, he was sentenced to take the puppy and leave it exactly at the spot in the colony from where he had picked it up.

Within the next half-an-hour or so, the puppy went away, negotiations took place between the little boy (my brother) and Mummy and the puppy was brought back home with a condition it will not stay in the portion of the house where we, the humans, lived instead he will be put up in the under-construction rear portion of the house.

That night must have been one of the longest nights in our lives and a tough one. Jackie (we named him so) was left alone in the cold and dark amid the construction material. His whimpers left us restless and guilt-stricken. We had separated the little baby from his mother and had failed him by leaving him alone in the cold night.

As the day dawned the next morning, Jackie was once again brought inside the house. A cardboard box was lined with jute sacks filled with sawdust in order to keep him warm. He was fed with milk and warmth of his new family, placed inside the box and was given a toy to play with. It was Road Riper, the vehicle of He-Man.

This was his homecoming. We had got our pet dog.

Papa did not contribute to any of the fuss which happened the previous day. He was on our side.


A pet dog he wasn’t just meant to be because he became our sibling, our younger brother. He seldom behaved like a dog. For my Dadi, he was a goat who loved eating carrots. (When do goats eat carrots?) He had a sweet tooth like none of us. Gajar ka halwa or any sort of laddoos, he could gobble up in seconds. We loved him even though he was not the pet dog of our dreams who would run to our command “Jackie choo” in order to fetch back a ball or stick thrown for the purpose. We tried teaching him a lot this one doggie duty but he wasn’t a dog in his head, I guess. To give him credit, he used to run after it and catch hold of it. But, that was it. Afterward, he kept it securely in his custody growling at us everytime we went near him to take the item back.

He was like, “Ab jo main ne ye ball/stick/flying disc pakad li hai to main vapas dene wala nahin hun. Ab is ko chahe main pakad kar baitha rahun ya phir is par susu kar dun, meri marzi.”

In the end, we just gave up – only training him, not loving him any less.

He stayed with us for 4 years. He died in a road accident leaving us with a lifetime of stories.

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  1. That was as sweet one and made me smile. I know Jackie didn’t live long but see you still think of him. I could imagine you and your brother saying Jackie chooo.. 😀


  2. Who had the golden childhood Anamika? You or Jackie? It seems that all of you were brought together to enjoy your carefree days of childhood. And really was your mother such a tyrant? I’m sure she wasn’t


  3. Some memories might be sad but they become part of her existence… This story of yours made me smile for the love you have for Jackie and sad because we lost him so early…
    Sending you warm hugs from Murphy (My furry kid with paws)


  4. This was such a sweet post, Anu!
    Haldighaati!! 😀 heheheh…there used to be such Haldighaati waley battles at my place, too! 😛

    Our dogs rarely ever think they are dogs! My Chikoo also loved carrots..loved flicking a sock from the laundry basket and hiding it under his tummy as he sat on the sofa with an innocent look on his face! I could really imagine your Jackie throwing his weight around and getting all the attention he could demand from you guys.

    You haven’t been writing, Anu, and yet I see the way you have expressed your emotions and narrated this sweet story in such an entertaining manner..remarkable, indeed!


  5. After reading your post, I can see why Jackie’s entry in your lives was such a memorable one, that you still recall him so clearly till date. I may not have been a pet owner myself, but my heart always breaks when I hear about pets passing because it feels terrible to lose someone who is such an inseparable part of your life. I am certain though, that during the four years Jackie was with you all, you would have made some absolutely wonderful memories together. What does D think of pets? Does he like to own one too, just like you?


  6. Coco loves carrots too and bananas. He can peel them well before eating. Dogs are never just dogs. They QuickTime become family members. So sorry to hear that Jackie passed away so soon.


  7. Awww tbis reminds me of the first time we brought a Pup home from the railway tracks. Infact my first dog’s name was Jackie too.
    My dog however only wanted non veg food. He would turn his lunch box over if there was no meat. Quite a diva it was.
    Enjoyed reading the post. Brought back wonderful memories.


  8. When I was around 7 years old we had a dog named Jackie. My sister and I loved him but we were afraid of dogs. So we used to run away and he used to chase us around. We had so much fun. We had to let it go after a while because of flees and my mom couldn’t take care of the little guy any longer.
    Such a heartwarming story this is, Anamika, brought back such beautiful memories. ❤️


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