Golden childhood: My pet dog story Part 1 #MondayMusings

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3rd Standard.

In 3rd Standard, it was the first time I read a story in which there was a pet dog. To be candid, I don’t remember what the story was about. All I recall is a picture from that story in which 2 children were playing with their pet dog.

This picture evoked a wish. A wish of having a pet dog and playing with it. The word ‘play’Β entailed throwing a ball or a stick away and having the pet dog go fetch it back. Therefore, we, my brother and I, undertook the first step of asking and pleading our mother to allow us to have a dog. Those were the days when we feared our father terribly. Our supposed argument of ‘PLAY with pet dog‘ couldn’t hold ground for Mummy who prescribed both of us should first learn to play well with each other without fighting and creating nuisance around the house.

“Jaao, pehle aaine main apne muh dekh kar aao!”

She must have visualized the scene of 2 incorrigible children and a dog in a first floor flat running after each other, in circles with nowhere to go, with the human offsprings bellowing angrily, “Ruk jaa zara, aaj to teri khair nahin” and the canine fella barking ruthlessly and pulling the pajamas off the other 2.

Our plea got rejected in the very first appeal and there was no way we could have gone to the higher court (Papa) directly. We had a weak defence, after all. Going to him would have resulted in serious detriment to our well-being.

“Jaao, pehle tum apni Maths ki book aur tum apni English ki book lekar aao. Padata hun.”

Maths was my weakness and English was my brother’s. Things never took a decent turn from here. It was simply too much of a risk.

Hence, we let go of our pleas and searched for happiness in watching dog scenes in movies and TV programmes. It was a shame that nobody we knew in real life owned any kind of a pet, leave aside a dog.

4 Years passed.

Gradually I forgot about the idea of a pet dog. I can only speak for myself and not for my brother. He is a bigger dog lover than me. It must have been on his mind but we never spoke about it. in the meantime, my father got transferred to a different place. My parents built their own house which meant no longer having to live in company-provided quarters.

We moved to our own home when my brother and I were in 4th and 7th Standard respectively. It was the month of October. Have you ever thought about how things change hugely in the month of October? And why? Atleast, it has always been for me this way.

Do you get it? Big change?

Did we get our pet dog? Yes, we did.

Yet, it did not happen simply and easily. There was considerable drama involved which is a 500-word story in itself. A story for some other time.

You can read the second part of the story by clicking here – GOLDEN CHILDHOOD : MY PET DOG STORY PART 2 #MONDAYMUSINGS

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  1. I am chuckling away, imagining the entire scenes your words recreated for us. Your Parents dialogues are my favorite parts:)))

    I am terrified of animals, but my husband isn’t , and wants a dog. I’ve asked him to choose between me and getting a Dog. The score has been 7:0 , ab tak toh :)))))))


  2. Wow!cant wait to read the other part of the story . Naya ghar, naya kutta wah wah. I m damm scared of dogs and my little one wants a dog now. I am like either me or the dog and she shamelessly says it’s dog for now😑


  3. My girls and husband always want to keep dog as a pet but I always afraid of dogs. your story has hooked me ..looking forward to know what will happen in next part.


  4. How wonderful to finally get your dream dog . What is it about childhood and dogs? I too had a dog all through my childhood . And yes things do happen in October. Hope this October good things happen to you !


  5. When I was in 9th, I too wanted a pet dog. We had just lost our pet rabbit and my dad was so against bringing home a living being who would leave a gaping hole in his kids’ hearts with its demise. SO, he put his foot down and said “NO DOGS..NO PETS!!”
    On my birthday, he sweetly gifted me a calendar full of cute dog pictures..I stuck all those pictures on my cupboard doors and they are still there, untouched!! Every time I visit mum and open a cupboard, I see those pictures and remember my childhood.

    I so would love to know ki tumhari kahaani mein aage kya hua!!


  6. Oh, I would love to read about how you “convinced” your parents in bringing home a furball. We always had a dog in our home. Dad is a bigger dog lover than any of us.


  7. In our house, there has been at least one dog since I was 5 years old… they’ve been the best part of the house, often πŸ™‚


  8. It is both funny and weird that parents seldom listen to stuff when there is no drama involved πŸ˜€


  9. When I was a kid, I wanted a dog. My siblings did too. Dad and mum kept resisting for the longest time. We finally got our pet when I was in college. Luckily, my mama always had dogs. Hence even more incentive to visit them. 😊


  10. During our childhood, we too were excited to have a pet dog but now, I am not interested. i think I am not an animal lover. Not that I am unkind, but taking care of animals is not for me.


  11. Awww… I am so gald you got a pet dog as you had been yearning for. I too got one after a lot of pleadings and beggings- when he died, I swore not to keep another one as the gaping hole he left behind, refuses to be filled up! Plus pets are a huge responsibility and in my current lifestyle, I dont think it would be a great idea!!


  12. ha ha ! that was fun. Also, I am feeling bad that I haven’t read you in a long time. I see that the blog theme has changed and here I wasn’t aware 😦
    Heading to part 2 now to read what happened? πŸ™‚


  13. Congratulations on the brand new theme, Anamika! The entire look has changed!! I’m catching up with reading after a long time and visiting you after a gap, so it feels new to me. πŸ™‚ Very interested to see how the doggie story unfolds in the next post! And a BIG congratulations on being the Indiblogger featured post as well. Way to go, Anamika. Very happy that you not only got over the writer’s block but achieved this feat too.


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