A leaf out of holidays #MondayMusings

I like to stay at home. There is nothing new in this as I keep shouting about it from my rooftop.


I do not like to venture out of town and go travelling or doing touristy stuff.

My idea of a holiday is –

  1. to wake up early, maximum by 6 am,
  2. do nothing for the next 2 hours or maybe meditating or reading,
  3. cook a hearty breakfast and a perfect cup of tea, 2 hours later, and
  4. to devour the tea and breakfast in absolute silence and solitude.

The rest of the 2 members are at their best supportive and co-operative attitude at this time of the day to let me get soaked in my solitude. It is not by design or intention but a coefficient of coincidence. They happen to be night owls.

Enough of praise for them since the way my birthday was celebrated (or not) is still etched in my memory.

After the breakfast, I like to go on a walk to one of the many parks in the small city, where I live. My favourite parks are those which have a water body in the form of a pool, big or small, or a river flowing along the periphery. Sitting on a bench overlooking the water body, internalising the tranquility of the time and space for a long time and heading over to the park cafe to have a coffee and a sandwich before heading back home is my idea of a perfect holiday.

I have been upto this twice a week these days, thanks to the summer vacation, minus the coffee and sandwich plus Dhruv in tow minus the tranquility and plus the need to keep moving. Yet, we are having a good time.

Any plan for a holiday other than this leaves me exhausted even at the planning stage. Howsoever middle-class am I, the middle-class way of holidaying – having another hardcore middle-class being for company, rushing from one place to other in order to cover the maximum number of tourist spots to arrive at the optimum utilisation of money spent on accommodation for that day in combination with the never-ending talks, search and run for the Indian food even at places where it is not easily available – does not satisfy my soul’s quench leaving it squeezed and stretched at the same time.

I bet reading the above lines was a bit taxing, wasn’t it? Now, just imagine the practicality of going through it.

And, I have not yet detailed what it means to prepare for a trip as a mother because then everything becomes ‘M+1’.

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  1. I agree and disagree with you. Just like you, I love to be alone when I wake up. I love to relish my tea and just sit doing nothing but I am also extremely fond of traveling. I do not like to hop from one tourist spot to the other (the better half loves that) but I love to explore a new place in my own way. My best way to enjoy a new place is by finding a nice cafe and sitting in it with a cup of tea and a book and soak in the essence of that city. I do not like to run around but I love the journey of going to a new destination.


  2. What a delightful post . Anamika, while it is wonderful to laze around – use your time well to enjoy a holiday doing the things you like …. who says you have to see the sights, stay in cheap hotels and eat Indian food ? Do your own thing and learn to enjoy…..


  3. I loved your idea of holiday. Those 4 steps are serene! But it hardly happens in my life. I make the worst companion for travel. My husband loves to explore and spend time and relax. I love the relaxing part devoid of the planning and executing part. Thankfully both my husband and I don’t like to cover spots on a time crunch just to add it to our list of places visited.
    Glad to read your post this Monday, Anamika. You know how much I love reading your play of words however taxing they can be to my poor brain. 😉


  4. Oh I love an hour’s quiet in the mooring too. The only problem is I’m only slightly less of a night owl than the other members of the family. But the day I get to have that cup of tea in solitude my day is made.
    Holidays are definitely exhausting. That said, sometimes I do like the ones in which we cram a lot in the day and walk and walk through monuments or museums or parks. Somedays I love the agenda-less holidays too. Both have their charm.


  5. I always make sure I have a quiet time while travelling, just to soak in the beauty of the place. But I love moving around 😀 and indulge in lots of activity. I don’t think I can travel in group as I am a crazy control freak when it comes to my travel plans. 😅


  6. Your holiday sounds lovely. I had to laugh at your M + 1 – Very hard.
    As for me – I do like sightseeing a little when I’m in a new place but honestly not at the cost of my comfort unless thats the purpose of the trip. It really depends on why you are traveling, doesn’t it?


  7. You’ve echoed my sentiments. Before marriage I would love going away and doing all the planning too! But post marriage and the kid, I have no energy to plan and STILL have to do all of it plus check if the home is all set for our time away and it’s mostly stressful. Plus, I am not much of a traveller, so that makes it even more difficult. Most often I want to be left alone with a book and my cup of tea and that’s enough of a holiday for me.


  8. Ah the perfect way to have a holiday. Given a chance I would like to wind up all my chores, the other members on their own, and find a corner to read a book in some quietness…


  9. Interesting read. I agree to many points and disagree on getting up early and cooking. I love to relish my cup of hot tea and toast in silence in the lap of nature without any disturbance, but do such holidays exist after getting married and having kids 😊


  10. I love to travel — to explore new places, to try out new cuisines, to spend time sleeping, resting and reading. Luckily, no one in my family likes to run from one place to another to tick off some travel list. And having traveled so extensively it is now more for the solitude and to do away with the daily grind of cooking etc. that I enjoy traveling. Mornings, I never have the option to sip my coffee in peace except on Sundays when I wake up earlier than the others and have a leisurely cuppa prepared by the husband.


  11. I hear you, Anu!
    I think we were hermits in some past life. And, that is why our desperate need to be by ourselves, in our own company. The planning for vacation thing is also a bit common here, because there was a time I would dread going out of town with the entire family in tow. There used to be a hundred anxieties about this or that and that would take out all the fun out of the vacation. I so crave for a solo trip. Everything solo is most preferred now.
    Hugs, dear girl!


  12. Haha..well, my idea of a holiday meets yours. I don’t like the usual holidays where I have to see places and run from here to there. The maximum I can do is go to a place and stay put in a resort with books. Ofcourse, even then the mommy duties bekon so at home when the daughter & the husband are fast asleep, that’s my favourite time!


  13. Interesting! The time spent by myself is the time I value the most and look forward to every day. I need that time to maintain my sanity. Also, I think people have come a long way from just ticking off items on the list of things to do or places to visit and have finally understood that a holiday shouldn’t be taxing 🙂 But yea, I get your point.


  14. Yes, very true, Anamika! I love the mornings that I have for myself. Mostly the little one wakes just within minutes after me. I just really don’t know how she does it. Anyway, even a 10 minute break in the morning feels like a good 1 hour when the entire house is calm. The evening walks(once in a while) of course, with the little one, is one enjoyable moment for her than me. In an outing the perfect scene would be exactly as you have described, a book, me, green tea or even warm water, minus the kid and the husband!


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