The Button Collection #PictureBookReview 15

A series of six timeless stories for children crafted with care.

Have you ever wondered about the buttons, we sport on our dresses and clothes everyday, that they could have a story to tell? Can we imagine they might have been a part of history and seen ages pass through, the good and the bad times? To be frank, I have thought in the same manner about old trees, forts, and ruins but never could quite stretch my imagination to see buttons being capable of telling their extraordinary stories.

This is why when I came across The Button Collection series of 6 stories, I immediately felt captivated by the context of the stories.

The Button Collection is a series of magical, traditional stories featuring a selection of different buttons. But, these are no ordinary buttons; from Bertie the Soldier to Bethany the Explorer Button; each has an enchanting story to tell.

My review –

The 6 interesting stories in The Button Collection are –

  1. Bertie – The Soldier Button.
  2. Brooke – The Wild West Button.
  3. Bethany – The Explorer Button.
  4. Billy – The Circus Button.
  5. Beatrix – The Wedding Button.
  6. Bob – The Railway Button.

In each of these stories, the buttons tell their respective tales from their past times when they were useful and important and, thus, felt loved and glorious. As time progressed and changed, they ceased to be of use. They were forgotten, forlorn and stored away. Ages later, they get rediscovered, polished and put to new use. In the end, they reclaim their old glory.

The stories are a short read and therefore, perfectly appropriate to hold the interest of young children. To me, the stories speak of change, hope, and positivity. The illustrations made of watercolour are a treat for the eyes for both young children and their parents and carers. The text incorporates plenty of synonyms such as – beaming, shiny,  bright, glittering, glowing and gleaming. As an adult, I was left gasping in awe on more than a few occasions at the sheer brilliance of the cleverly crafted sentences where the adjectives and the nouns began with the same alphabet and also at the wide range of vocabulary used.

The Button Collection was launched in April 2018. The 6 stories come in 6 separate small cute books which can be either bought stand alone at a price of £2.99 each or collectively in a pack priced at £12.99. The page quality is good and glossy.

My verdict – 

The creators and publishers have targeted this collection at the pre-schoolers who will definitely have a nice time pouring over the illustrations while listening to the adults reading out the stories to them. Additionally, in my opinion, this collection is also good enough for 5 – 8 years old who are capable of appreciating the writing. I also foresee The Button Collection becoming a part of libraries in the UK’s primary schools and being recommended to children for reading.

I highly recommend the Buttonhole Collection.

Author/Illustrator – Helen Hamill & Christina Ryan

Release Year – First published in April 2018

Publisher – The Buttonhole Press Ltd.

Age group – 3 – 8 years

Available on – Amazon UK, Amazon India


I received a free copy of this book from the authors/publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Disclaimer – This post contains Amazon affiliate links meaning if you make a purchase through any of these links, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.


  1. Awww..sounds so cute! I love buttons, and from this story, I realised how we just abandon them once the clothes they belong to, grow old. How they must feel! Ouch!
    In fact, this is how we treat most of our belongings. And, sometimes, people too! 😦


  2. Stories about the buttons and their life, downfall and glory… sounds pretty interesting and that it has some wonderful life lessons is simply awesome. Will check it out for gifting to kids in the family and neighborhood!


  3. Story books like this are perfect for kids. Thanks for the review. I will surely check them out as these look good. Are these available in India?


  4. what a cute variation on the fly on the wall. I would love to get these books for my grandchildren. In fact I have always used your recommendations when it comes to buying new books for the grandkids. Thanks for your very frank reviews.


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