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I am back after a gap of 2 weeks.

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The last 2 weeks were a bit of a struggle on account of health troubles and consequently time (mis)management. Yet, it was not all bad. The good thing is I have made friends while Dhruv is wondering why is it taking him so long to make friends. His frequency calculations for mapping a friend have not worked out favorably for him as yet. This boy who stepped out of the house in exuberance on the first day of school as if to conquer the world and make friends in a dash is still without a friend 3 months later. The other day he came up to me to ask “Is there a problem with me that I cannot make friends?”

You know how a mother’s heart works!

It broke my heart. I wouldn’t like him to believe not being able to make a friend is some sort of a problem.

He has taken to writing stories by blending reality and imagination together, with encouragement from his English teacher. And, while all of them are presently about his lonesome plays, the trouble he has been feeling gelling with other children or vice versa, I see a beginning here. A hope about written words being used for expression.

On the home front, we are keeping up with the Hindi syllabus of 2nd Std of India so that he doesn’t lag behind in Hindi when we return. In the last 2 and a half years, while I had been building a library of books, his father had been building a library of movies. So, while I have a long list of books for him to read or for me to read to him, his father has got a long list of movies which he (Dhruv) must watch. Thus, I realize what one loves is what one passes over to the next generation, be it books or movies as in our case.

I also realize in order to keep this blog alive with the limited amount of time I have in hand these days, I will be writing more of microblogs for example ‘what happened over the weekend? or about any conversation we had’ rather than long posts.

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  1. Anamika,
    My heart breaks too. I used to go through this phase every time my children told me this or that they were excluded from gangs in schools.:)
    Have you been getting wet in the rain ? I am glad you are all planning to return to the home country after a while.


  2. All of us are different and making friends is not too easy for some people. I am in Dhruv’s boat now. I used to make friends easily when I was younger, but now it is taking me ages to make a real friend! So I believe, Dhruv, when he is comfortable will make friends. And it is better to have friends who we can actually get along with rather than having a lot of friends. When Kanna started his new school in Solihull, he was so upset about making new friends. But luckily, there was a new kid in his class who was also upset about the changes. They both are still friends. They talk over Skype every month.
    It’s heartbreaking to hear little D doubting himself. Give him a hug from me.
    It’s nice that you are following the syllabus in India along with his school curriculum. And yeah, micro or otherwise, your posts are always welcome in my inbox. I say, take a few minutes to write daily, Anamika. It is a great help. Last 3 weeks I was doing the same, I never thought I could but it helped me soothe my nerves. I’m writing daily now, even when I’m not blogging. Take care of yourself. ❤️


  3. It breaks my heart too when kids can’t make friends. The younger son struggled a lot last year to make new friends and it was devastating for him. But he managed to after a few months. I hope Dhruv can soon as well. You know these days I am also showing some of the movies I enjoyed like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander and that is a fun process too.


  4. Take care of yourself Anamika – health first! ❤ Also, like Vinitha mentioned, it’s not easy for some of us to make friends easily. We take our time with it. But then we often end up making friends for life. So it will happen for Dhruv too, slowly maybe. But it will. xx


  5. I know exactly how you feel when your kid tells you that he cannot make friends. My son joined a university abroad last year. And in the first few months he complained about being unable to make friends, even at his age. I was as concerned as you at that point. But thankfully he’s now settled well. I’m sure your kiddo will settle soon too. It’s great that he’s resorting to writing. Good luck with the new place!


  6. Wonderful that Dhruv has taken to writing, at a young age. I’m sure he will find his circle very soon. Meanwhile writing can be balm to the soul and double up as a great friend.

    Hope your health is on the mend, Anamika.

    Happy tidings!


  7. As someone who faced this struggle every two years as a child, I can tell you that it’s difficult. I’m glad Dhruv is using writing as a therapy of sorts. Looking forward to your microblogs – I love whatever you write. Hugs!


  8. I hope you are feeling better now. My son also struggles with friends. Friendships in India I think are easier to make. Overseas everything is temporary and I focussed. I pray everyday that my son finds the lifelong friendships he so desires and I pray the same for your son.


  9. Hope are feeling better Anamika. Dont worry about Dhruv. Its just a phase, and most kids outgrow this. Its a new place, new people thus interactions take time. Its good he is expressing himself through words, it lets out a lot of emotions making the child mentally healthier.


  10. I could remember my own childhood reading this. I couldn’t make friends and was mostly dominated by the friends that I made. My mother didn’t let me play with them as most of the time I came back home hurt in some way or the other. So I took to reading books and children’s magazines. And the first batch of friends that I finally made was around 4th grade. They remained my closest till 10th. And some are still in contact.

    Friendship will happen when it’s right. Good that he gets pleasure in reading and writing.


  11. Hugs to Dhruv, first and foremost! And to you as well! As a mom with a child who is not happy with his situation, I can surely feel your pain. A also took time to make friends when he was younger and he still does even today. I did too, as a child and even though I am friendly with many people now and can gel with others much more easily than I did as a child, I still find it hard to find friends nowadays. Writing is a great way to relieve one’s angst and anguish. Please encourage D to keep writing and tell him he is absolutely fine. Many of us like him take time to find good friends but once we do, they stick to us for life. Until then, he must know that mummy is also a great friend one can have.


  12. I’m glad you took some time for yourself to write here, Anamika.

    I hope your health is better now. It is good that Dhruv has taken to writing. It takes time to make friends these days. You never know what the other person wants or expects anymore. I’m sure he will settle in soon. Why don’t you get him to join some writing classes or book clubs for kids? The more people he meets, the more chances of him making friends. As a non-parent, this is the only suggestion I can give 🙂


  13. Hugs to D and you. I know it’s hard on you as much as on him. I cannot give advise but I know that you are Mum who will tackle this with ease and a lot of positivism. Be it books, movies, Mum or Dad – these are good friends to have. I wish things change a bit.
    On writing – please encourage him to write. It will turn out a good way for him to share thoughts. And you, I love microblogs and you know I do them almost every week. I would be here whether it’s a long post or short. Hugs and love.


  14. Kids take time to settle in a new place. He will eventually make new friends. Maybe you can ask few of his classmates to come over during the weekend. You can do a book reading for them (I know you will rock) this way D will make few new friends. I am fond of books and better half fond of movies. However our son is neither fond of books nor movies. He has his own set of favorite things.


  15. Is this a first move for D? I can understand his and your state of mind. Dont worry, he will overcome it and will be able to make friends. Glad that he is channeling his energies in such a creative and constructive way and that too when he is so young.
    We have a similarity here, while I push A to read, his dad ‘inspires’ him to watch movies 😀


  16. Awww! The poor kid!We belong to the same league, you know, he and I. I still have not managed to find a friend in my neighbourhood. I wonder if I will be able to relate to others, or if they will be able to relate to me!
    I truly hope kiddo makes a new friend, soonest!


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