Hello Ms. Bespectacled Mother! #writebravely

“My name is Chalukya. I know you never expected a call from me, as famous as I am, but I’ve been given your name as someone who can help me with wri…”.


Me: “Er..er.. I am sorry Mr. Chalu kya you said you are famous but I have never heard your name before. What do you do?”

Mr. Chalu kya: “Umm…Ms. Bespectacled Mother, my name is Chalukya pronounced as Chaluk-ya and not as Chaalu-kya. I am an award-winning blogger in the Brainy category.”

Me: “Award-winning! I didn’t know there is also a Brainy category in the blogger awards. Probably, another niche. Anyways, how does it matter to me, I do not believe in awards not that I am not getting any, ever”. I talked to myself in hush hush tone covering the mouthpiece of the receiver.

Me: “Ok. Fine. Mr Chaluk-ya, how may I help you?”

Mr. Chaluk-ya: (To himself) She must be really funny to get my name correct in the first attempt after messing with it. This should go well.

Mr. Chaluk-ya: “I wanted your help with learning the tricks of the trade behind writing funny posts. You see, as brainy as I am, I decided to inject some variety in the form of fun posts on my blog and RaGa suggested me your name, this morning, citing your association with Balaka Basu who strongly recommended you for being an alien.”

Me: “Excuse me!”

Mr Chaluk-ya: “Hmmm…and also your quirky sense of humour.”

Me: “That’s better.” (Note for myself – never ever tumble out this secret of being an alien again to anyone. If I get famous this way, NASA might come to claim me.)

Me: “Before proceeding to help you, I will play a rapid fire round with you to test if you have it in you to be funny and how much work needs to be done with you. If your answer appeals to me, then I will say Green flag or else red flag. If you get 2 or more green flags, you will be eligible for my time. ”

Mr Chaluk-ya: “Okay Ms. Bespectacled Mother.”

Me: “Q1. Simplicty or Complexity?”

Mr. Chaluk-ya: “Complexity.”

Me: “Red Flag. Q2. Do you have a funnybo… Hello? Hello Mr. Chalukya? Are you there? Am I audible?”




The mobile phone, which was lying not far, couldn’t help staying still.

I picked it up to see 37 unread messages. I opened the Apartment’s ladies WhatsApp group to see messages in a row – Damn BSNL! Damn! Damn!

The BSNL telephone lines had gone dead.

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words June 2018 and this is my post for Day 5 in response to the quote prompt “Hello,” said the voice on the phone. “My name is __________. I know you never expected a call from me, as famous as I am, but I’ve been given your name as someone who can help me _______.” (Write a story that follows this line.)


  1. This Chalukya is actually a Chaalu kya?? Where he went hanging you in the middle of a call..and this RaGa cannot do a thing properly..I refered him to you but instead of going himself he sent this Chalu Kya or whatever guy..Damn!!

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  2. Yeh kya ho raha hai, Balaka and Anamika?? 😀 Tum dono kar kya rahe ho? I was really gearing up to see what was coming next, but before I could begin to get a drift of where this chat with Chaluk-ya was heading to, this darn BSNL thingy got in the way! One thing I must say— it was a great idea to promote each other’s post this way. Very clever idea. 🙂

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    1. Ha ha ha…trust me this whole thing was not deliberate…I wrote a fun post and tagged her because I know she would have enjoyed…she just carried the baton forward…but glad readers are having fun…now this gives me an idea..maybe few of us like minded bloggers can start a blog game of sorta where we keep a post incomplete and then pass it on to another blogger to finish…what say Anamika and Mituldi

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      1. I am pleasantly surprised that this post came out as if you passed on the baton to me. But, I don’t mind the fun. Your idea about keeping a post incomplete and passing it on to another blogger will be a good idea. Let’s do it but after we get over with this week and settle down in our minds.


  3. hahha.. this is very entertaining. yesterday with Raga and today with Chalu Kya aka chalukya.. do make a series after the challenge and invite us to be a part of your snippets.

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    1. Getting confused with balaka and u. Raga was her character.. Got messes up thinking about the pic she used..


      1. Yea i did know that anami.. I got confused with u and balaka.. Sooner i realised it was late.. So commented again


  4. Arey it ended too soon. I would have loved to know more about Mr Chalukya. What a fun thing to do – to take up the baton from Balaka.


  5. Oh. It was so fun. But then i couldn’t get the ending. 😂 Dumb me. I understood after reading the comments. Bsnl networks always go away. Phew vanish!

    Am i missing something… Heading to the previous post. 😀


    1. No, Sonia. Taking on or passing on the baton was not the mutually agreed idea between Balaka and me. It just happened with the flow. And, there was no intention on my part to carry on this story. Another day tomorrow, another story.


  6. I’ve always hated the BSNL service ever since I had their WLL phone installed at my home. And now, I hate it even more that it pulled the shutter down on me who had thoroughly started enjoying the conversation.

    Mr. Chaalu-kya & the indirect rendezvous with RaGa really cracked me up!

    Love your humorous takes on the otherwise serious prompts, Anamika! When it comes to humor, it’s always you to take the cake home.


  7. Oh, I have to read Balaka’s post! I so wanted to know how many red flags Chalukya was going to get! So unfair BSNL! I see a spike in your creativity, Anamika. Spare me the secret, please. 🙂


  8. Hahahah… Chalukya!! You be careful Anu. There are many more Chalu people going around! 😅😅

    And while at it, do teach me to write humour too. I am pathetic at humour! 😅😅


  9. Rofl Chalu-kiya!! Love your witty humour… Too bad bsnl line went dead, I wanted to read more 😀


  10. First up I need to check out the RAGA post as I seem to have missed that 😉

    Awesome baton holding ladies- Anu your sense of humour always cracks me up and I loved this nonsensical write up. Keep it going girls! 🙂


  11. Ha ha! I am ever going to pass any of your quizzes, Anamika. The best was Chalu-kya?Only you can do this. And apartment ladies Whatsapp group is clogging the internet for sure. Get it checked 😉


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